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June 14th 2015
Published: June 14th 2015
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So, one of our first vacations together was to the city of Hangzhou.

We had a great time trying to work out the signs around the city, since they were mostly just in Chinese but we did a great job, especially finding taxis.

Here is our first picture together in Hangzhou. We made it and got in a taxi to head in to the city.

One of the amazing places that we visited was the organic tea museum. This place was filled with history of Chinese tea and great information on how to create the perfect brew (because being English doesn't just cut it in China haha). After the day, we went to the local Green Tea restaurant and had a mug of their famous tea. It was certainly weird with lots of green leaves everywhere and I certainly struggled to drink mine, since the leaves just didn't want to drop down and flavour the hot water.

One of the great things about China, and particularly Hangzhou, is the awesome pagodas. Whilst in this city, we went to quite a few and this one was certainly interesting and beautiful.

(and you know how good I am at taking pictures of you without you knowing haha)

This was from one of the days when we went across the famous lakes. The awesome day when we were accosted to have lots of pictures taken with local Chinese people because we were beautiful and white. Ahhh.....back in the day.

This was an awesome day when we spotted all of the statues and posed with all of them.

The fun time we walked through the mall that was full of giant sweets and had a great time walking down the dreamy corridor.

Temple times (we always have a lot of those haha)

And finally the when we just wondered around the city and found the best coffee in Hangzhou.


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