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Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou July 8th 2017

Hi All, Summer holidays are here again. It's great to visit Wenchang again. Little has changed, although the road has now been concreted, which made for a smooth ride to the hotel. We stayed in one of the wooden bungalows for ¥167 and the place, during the week, was almost empty. The beach is really beautiful with really fine white sand. However, the sea was not the best. I cut my foot on some sharp coral rock and as I was sitting at the water's edge a condom went floating by and I also found a broken bottle, so sandals would be a good idea. It was a very relaxing four days just lying around reading and listening to music. Enjoy the photos. Jah Bless ... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou January 4th 2016

Wow, the plane tickets are so cheap. From Nanning to Haioku only 300 RMB. I'd love to take a boat from Beihai or Zhanjiang, but if you don't have time, this is OK. The flight lasts only one hour… Haikou: main city. We only passed it, really. It's like Nanning, »the construction site«, traffic, fog, well, at least it was now. If you are looking for local snacks, you'd rather find them in Wenchan, which is the cradle of Hainan culture. Lingshui: small town next to the sea. Li national minority. Swimming? Well, possible, but… not so much. This is where the patterns start to appear: Hainan means greenery, unused fields, bays with functioning or, well, not functioning tourist projects. Interesting: original settlers came here from Guangxi and Guangdong thousands of years ago; they've belonged to ... read more
Selling starts at 6 in the morning. Can't go to work without it.
A bit bitter.
The oldest hotel in Lingshui, now a sanctuary for poor man's prostitutes.

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou September 30th 2015

29. September: An dieser Stelle werde ich eine ewig lange Fahrt schildern, deren Highlights ausschließlich in der Art und Weise des Transports, sowie den Zielen liegen. Um 7:50 war ich pünktlich, wie es sich für einen Deutschen gehört, an dem Greenway Haus um mich mit meiner Koordinatorin April zu treffen. Aber mit losfahren war es dann erstmal nichts und statt den Bus zu nehmen, wurden wir dann gefahren und haben auf dem Weg noch ein paar andere Freiwillige aufgegabelt, die auch zum Bahnhof mussten. Der Zug ging um halb zehn und die eben erwähnten Freiwilligen sind noch mit uns zusammen nach Guilin gefahren. Der Zug war einer der berüchtigten Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge und mit 200 km/h waren wir schon nach einer halben Stunde da. In Guilin angekommen trennten sich aber unsere Wege, denn sie sind vom gleichen Bahnhof ... read more
Reis Rollen
Old Street

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou February 26th 2015

The island of Hainan has quite a history. What was once a penal colony for political rivals of the Emperor is now a resort get-away for mainland Chinese. This island is nick-named Coconut Island and is noted for its balmy weather even in the winter. Hainan boasts the highest longevity rate of all of China and also has the cleanest air. Considering the deadly smog that blankets much of this huge country, perhaps those two facts might be inter-related. To go ashore, it was necessary to book a tour to satisfy Chinese Immigration procedures. So we booked the Historical Haikou tour for a half-day overview of the city. Unfortunately during the Cultural Revolution, almost all of the historical monuments and temples were destroyed by the Mao zealots. So we visited what remained of these sites. Kevin, ... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou June 25th 2014

Hi All, A cool 14 hour train ride from Guangzhou to Haikou. It was OK as I had a bed so I slept a good part of it. The coolest part of the journey was when they put the train on the ferry. I had a really relaxing few days here in Haikou. Although it is the provincial capital it has very much a small city feel with really chaotic traffic and markets and rubbish. I spend a great day on holiday beach and spent the other days relaxing and reading. On my last day I went to visit a temple. There's something strange about the Chinese architecture in this tropical setting. Enjoy the photos Jah Bless... read more
Beach (1)
Five Lords Temple (9)
Five Lords Temple (16)

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou August 24th 2013

New photos on: … can rely on the Chinese to introduce words into English that were previously lacking, like the “excursing” in the title, from a shopfront on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen, in Fujian province. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This short account covers the whole 2 months of the summer break, the Summer Camp at the school, a visit to see a now pregnant Miss Piggy, a trip to tropical Hainan island & another to Xiamen. I return to Yangzhou to find the incredible illuminated roof on the nearby Canal City Convention Cent... read more
Summer Camp
Summer Camp, Phoenix Island
Miss Piggy and the In Laws

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou August 10th 2013

Saturday, 10th August 2013 Travel is more than just a holiday. It's a journey of experience where you leave your comfort zone and prejudices. - Vinny Kuah (My Journeys of Discovery) I was up before 540am this morning in order to catch the first glimpse of sunlight over Haitang Bay. I was happy to sacrifice that few moments of sleep in exchange for the exceptional view by the beach. There were a couple of other early birds as well. Some were armed with their DSLRs. Others just wanted to have a good time as we welcomed the very first rays of light over the horizon. The morning breeze over the peaceful Haitang Bay had a calming effect on the body and soul. Breakfast was still a wonderful encounter this morning even though we noticed that the ... read more
Another peaceful day ahead
Haikou skyline from Evergreen Park
Customs House, Haikou

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou January 4th 2012

Tulkaa Sanyaan ja hankkikaa kaunis kolmisävyrusketus. Haittapuolena pieni kutina rinnassa, mutta kyllä kelpaa rannalla elvistellä!!!... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou January 2nd 2012

Vuoden eka päivä alkoi yhdentoista aikaan aamupalalla rannalla. Mitään suunnitelmia ei oltu tehty, mutta silti siitä kehkeytyi erittäin hieno päivä. Harhailin aamupalan jälkeen hotellini vieressä olevan hostellin terassille haistelemaan tunnelmaa. Ihmiset olivat aika väsyneitä, mutta silti muutamalla oli virtaa. Siinä jutellessa kävi ilmi, että täällä voi kuin voikin vuokrata polttomoottorikäyttöisen kaksipyöräisen. Alettiin sitten porukalla fiilistelemään asiaa ja tekemään suunnitelmaa. Minähän olin heti mukana pelissä ja pienen neuvottelun jälkeen Belgian, Kiinan, Saksan ja Ruotsin edustajat vetivät puihin. Ainoastaan Amerikan poika ja minä lähdimme kohti vuokraamoa. Muistin nähneeni yhden vuokraamon ihan hotellin vieressä, joten suuntasimme sinne. Paikka oli aivan normaali seksivälinekauppa/mopovuokraamo, mitä näkee ympäri maailmaa. Tarv... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou January 1st 2012

Saavuin tänne Sanyaan uudenvuoden aatonaattona. Matka meni mukavasti pikajunalla, jonka vauhti oli noin 250km/h. Hemmottelin itseäni jä käytin ylimääräiset kolme euroa siihen että sain matkustaa ykkösluokassa. Osan matkaa juna meni tuttua reittiä pitkin ja näinkin muutaman kerran paikkoja joiden ohi polkupyöräilin. Sanyaan saavuttuani menin bussilla suoraan merenrantaan, mistä sain varattua itselleni pienen hotellihuoneen kohtuulliseen hintaan. Tämä hotelli sijaitsee noin kolmensadan metrin päässä merestä ja tässä ympärillä on kaikki mitä uudenvuoden juhlintaan tarvitsee. Länsimaalaisia ravintoloita, kiinalaisia ravintoloita, pubeja, meri, pienpanimo ja onneksi hostelli missä voi pestä vaatteensa halvalla. Aatonaatto menikin sitten ihmisten kanssa jutellessa. Tutustuin illan aikana yhteen amerikkalaiseen opettajaan, jonka kanssa sitten teimme suunnitelma... read more

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