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August 29th 2012
Published: September 3rd 2012
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Moved further west into Qiannan region to Sandu, the area that inhabited mostly Shui people. I couldn't recollected anything of Sandu inside my memory as the the town had been renovated, seem tidy and clean, but all the exit road are under construction. which I dislike. I did plan to visit some markets in the area but....with the roadworks...!beside...the Shui's costume wasn't very inspiring, and I had seem them before, so I pressed southward after a short stay in Sandu. temperature still hang high and my skin colour getting more brown each day. Stop in Libo and just in time run into the Huangmeng market situated right next to the mian tourist site of Libo, the Seven Holes Bridge. There I seen again the unique subgroup of the Yao, Baiku Yao. The local call them “liangpianyao”, mean Yao with 2 pieces. “one piece in front and one piece on the back“, a guy said with a naughty face!that was exactly how the Yao woman dressed, no wonder nowaday all the Yao women put on inside garment under that 2 pieces costume as people watched them with coloured eyes!

There is one destination for Libo that I came for. said there is another Yao subgroup live in Banba village where is right inside the preserved karst area. driver said there are guesthouse and I just get in the only bus per day to Banba. scene along the road wasn't really impress. not until near Banba the landscape became prettier. Banba is just a small village with no commercial, couple of local house turn into family guesthouse and luckily one is still operated dull to leak of tourists.The Yao village is less than 2km away, but before getting there a brand new settlement had been erected by the roadside. with a concrete statue written Long Robe Yao First Village. they had relocated the village down here actually no more than 1km away on an easy access path. high profilely created a village named according to their costume, but…you couldn't see a single woman wearing costume!well…perhaps it will suddenly exist when there were prearrange tourist group arrive. About this preserved area. they had created couple of sites…well…waterfall, river, bridges…the standard dishes that you could recited easily if you had been in any other tourist site in China. but the main selling point here is the Karst forest(which I hadn't visit). one could travel in a round trip as it was designed mostly for tourist with their own car. for me…I only got a tiny taste of the scene on the bus ride and it was rather pretty awesome. especially around Dongtang area with the golden paddy surrounded by karst hills.

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