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January 21st 2012
Published: January 21st 2012
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I do like traditional folk songs. But I didn’t think I like the folk songs in this area. I prefer the songs in northwest of China, which seems more powerful and primitive. Songs in Guizhou’s minority groups are more resonant by high pitch. I used to think it is a little bit ear-piercing when I listened through TV. But I completed changed my mind when I enjoyed the live performance in Xiaohuang, a small ‘Dong’ village which is famous by its songs.

I was late. Every year there is a big singing competition from 13rd to 15th August according to Luna calendar. In that day, many choruses from ‘Dong’ villages come there to compete. It is not a formal competition. The key point mostly focuses on the fun. It is a big party for these ‘Dong’ villages. A pity for me, I came there on 17th.

But since it was during the national holiday, there were still some performances. People dressed traditionally, waiting in front of the gate of village. They were singing for you. If you wanted to come in, please, singing as well. How lucky, there was a ‘Miao’ girl came in the same time with me. Of course singing should be her job. ^^

After their ‘competition’ of songs, we were treated by rice wine, of course with beautiful songs as well.

Xiaohuang is not different from other ‘Dong’ villages, even it is much more famous (by its songs) than other ones. The honor doesn’t seem bring them some wealth. They are living in their lives, as all ‘Dong’ people. But my biggest feeling of this village was all people there were happy. They might not have good living conditions, but they had happy life.

I told my friends, ‘Dong’ is a fantastic minority. All girls are pretty and all boys are handsome!!! I didn’t lie and I didn’t overstate.

And when they sing the song, they look like more beautiful. You don’t need to know their language. You can understand what they want to express by songs when you are listening to. Trust me, you will get this feeling when you are there.

I took several photos when they were performing. And then I didn’t want the reflex to annoy my enjoyment any more. I just sit there, listening…I felt their happy life. I felt their love to the life. Suddenly, pleasure and peace was full of my heart.

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24th January 2012

Great photos
You capture the essence very well.
28th April 2012

Thank you. since the songs were fantastic ^^
24th January 2012
Xiaohuang girl

Fantastic picture.
28th April 2012
Xiaohuang girl

Thank you! it is because of the fantastic place ^^

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