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December 17th 2009
Published: August 29th 2011
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Guizhou, the province from south of China, that is not a economicly developed province, there are famous by natural resource and minority ethnic also.
There are some thermal water resort around the Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou, Chinese are very careful about the health, a lot of foods and habits for body maintenance, and thermal water is one of them, there are so many pools in the resort, for each one they put some flavor or medicinal herbs, and there was a medicinal explanation for every pool, I don't know if that really works for those medicinal effect, but the resort was very nice place to relax.
Huang Guo Shu waterfall, that is the highest waterfall in China, there are 77,8 meters of height, located in Anshun city, I had a big expectation for the waterfall, but in my opinion it just the highest one, the Hukou waterfall from Yellow river is more impressive and the waterfall from Jiuzhai valley is more beautiful.
The people from Guizhou are very sincere and simple also, every time I visited a poorer part of China I feel the people are more human, I mean they are more happy even they are not rich, indeed the big city and coastal area are better to gain the money, but so much money can corrupt the human heart, and there is a invisible distance between the people in the big city, maybe the city is huge, maybe the people are focus on the own gains, I don't have a right answer, I just feel the most of people from big city are somehow lost.

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It is not common to see a church in China, so I was surprise with the church in the little old town from Guizhou

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