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September 9th 2012
Published: September 9th 2012
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I got couple of townships in mind that claimed to be Yao ethnic inhabited. Qibainong located inside a rough rocky area with many wild peak shot up, the word "nong" in Yao language mean the valley bottom between 2 hills, so Qibainong mean 700 valley, and from the meaning you can imagine what the landscape was like in the area, so they actually created many sight seeing point along the main road, building staircase up some of the hill top or down some valley where small villages located. it should be very pretty, but you need to travel with your own transpotation, many Chinese youngster tour here by bicycle nowaday. I was diappointed with the minority scene instead, none Yao's costume could be seen on market day, tried my luck in nearby Bansing market, score still zero! one name cross out from my list! Sannong was another destination in Donglan where I hope to find some Yao ethnic, people told me there was no market in Sannong County, "nearest market are either Pohao or Changle" they said. I picked Pohao as it look nice with the river side, but local told me that I wouldn't had any chance to see any dressed Yao in the area, not even inside their village. well...luckily Pohao offered some walk around the lake so I could make some hike. seem like they are trying to turn this place into a fishing(for tourist) site for chinese tourists, there was still no standard lodging but I sensed that you could lodged in anybody house if you ask, and there is a sign written a 50 yuan fee/day for fishing pass needed to purchase. Both Changle and Pohao are Zhuang community, but both go without costume as well, so...one more name cross out! Into Fengshan County there are Jinya, Jiangzhou and Pingle in my mind. "no, no...not a chance nowaday" all the driver said to me. "perhaps in Jiangzhou" someone suggested afterward where sometimes old women will came to market with costume. well...at least a tiny chance and I heading to Jiangzhou before market day. standard countryside scene along the ride, but the most extrordinary sight was the natural bridge that fly over head before enter the village, the huge rock hanging on midair, in the old day it was the main passage for villager lived on both side of the river before the concrete bridge had been build. The area are full of wild looking karst hill, it was easy to located hiking trial to spend a day. small town with small market, but I did spot one, just one Yao woman, actually they are similar to those in Lingyun County, of course...they just live next door to each other, but you could still see plenty of women wearing costume in Lingyun area. I guessed I gave up in this part of Guangxi. Ride through pretty landscape into Bama. many said Bada is the best place to live in Guangxi. even praised it as the heaven on earth. the best air, the best soil, high magnetic field, best water source...and it end up a great title “long-life” county. it actually attracted many senior visitor. great number of people even retired here for long stay. Bama region does look pretty, but still not my cup of tea. only see the look of all those shops and restuarant owner could scare me away, they all like a pair of scanner, looking out eagerly for target for the kill. I make the quck connected bus further to Baise. ready to my journey back into Yunnan.

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scene around Jiangzhouscene around Jiangzhou
scene around Jiangzhou

the natural bridge

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