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February 18th 2012
Published: February 18th 2012
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Debao is known for its special breed of horse, the small horse only a little taller than 1 meter in height. But from the last few years they had developed an pictorial site for the maple in red during winter season, every late November the township would promote a Maple Red Festival. The town would heated up one a year with hotel rate ran rocket high. And in normal time like now...there were million of empty bed for you to choose from. But there really not much to see or do here, even the local told me about the maple scene..."you won't come here the second time!" well...I couldn't give any comment as I hadn't been here in November, but if the local said so...I make a note about it!
Like most of the town in Baise area, they were all surrounded by karst hills matter how bad the town planning was, one still could find beauty in some angle. hike up the bullet hill and you could see the whole town rolled out underneath your feet. I came to Debao to check out a "Gexu"-a singing forum or competiton, Lunar January 27th will be the first Gexu in Lianle village and it marked the beginning of event of this kind in Debao area until end of Lunar April. Under smokey rain and chill air I went to Lianle about 7km outside of town. In the middle of nowhere surrounded by karst hills I saw vandors already had their merchandise lay out on the ground. People said the Gexu used to be here in the open ground, but now they switched to one of the nearby village. It wouldn't start until almost 4pm and they said it might went on till day break tomorrow! The sound of chorus could be heard from everywhere, inside a building, behind the bush or just by a big tree, they were practising seriously! I caould see them discussed strategy, who should lead the song or who roll the high key or who play the low! I saw the list of competitor, it came up to 31 teams, could be more as I saw people(mostly senior) kept arrive from different direction. The stage held in the playground of the local school, simple music player and speakers(perhaps that was the reason they move inside to the village as they need electricity now). it start against women, I had no idea what they were singing about, only once in awhile the crowds blew laughter then I knew there must be some funny stuff. But the pace was slow and the tone and tune were monochroic. Was I disappointed? well...yes...but not the event, I think the problem was mind, if I could understand the language, it could be fun to be there. Just looked at the crowds around, they listen to it tastefully. Beside...the grey and wet sky pull my feet out from the village as I still face more than an hour walk back to Debao. people kept coming in when I was heading out, seem like much more interesting the later it get.

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