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October 8th 2005
Published: October 22nd 2005
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Moon HillMoon HillMoon Hill

Moon hill has four climbing routes on it, but no one to climb with! Damn.
Lucky to get a ticket out of Shanghai to ... anywhere. Lucky to end up where I did. Guilin and Yangshao is the undisputed area of backpackers in China, a touch of S.E.A. Back again; banana pancakes, cheap knockoff Cd's, lame slogan t-shirts, movie bars and dazed out looks. I'll take it, I have a dazed out look too.

This area is crying for you to get on a mountain bike (they actually rent good ones) and take off in any direction you please. River trails to follow, hikes to find, villages to visit, its all within a few hours ride, unless you're in horrible shape. In four days I must have put over 250 ks on the bike, good weather, no people just what I needed. Living in a place as beautiful has to rub good feelings on the locals, nearly everyone I talked to, touts included had the most pleasant demeanor of any Chinese town I've been to.

I also climbed into what must have been the 25th cave on this trip, I was crushed to find a group of enterprising Chinese kids with a Dell Desktop, camera and printer about halfway in selling pictures. Stalactites lit
Dragon PagodaDragon PagodaDragon Pagoda

Not an original name is it?
up by computer monitor, its just wrong.

If you had six weeks and a fan of sport climbing listen up. Fly into Hong Kong, hop on a bus to Yangshao, spend 2 weeks climbing over 100 bolted routes graded on the American system. Public buses reach 80 percent of the climbing areas. Catch a train to Kunming then a bus to the Chinese Laos border, pick up a visa on arrival and make your way down to Vang Vieng. Alternate days climbing on French rated climbs and rafting the river and the rope swings I'm so fond of. Fly or bus from Vientiene to Bangkok and catch an overnight train to Krabi and the beaches around it and the 800 routes. Fly home from Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. I cant think of a better trip.

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Top of Moon HillTop of Moon Hill
Top of Moon Hill

Krabi, Halong Bay and Yanhshao all the same, gorgeous.
Golden riceGolden rice
Golden rice

Some fields were starting to turn, at sunset they were very bright.
Little boy.Little boy.
Little boy.

Hello!, Hello!, Hello!, Hello!, Hello!
My Boat CaptainMy Boat Captain
My Boat Captain

I took a day mountain biking trip and did a little loop on a raft a perfect break.
Ride homeRide home
Ride home

A little off center, not a good shot while on the bike.
Karst SunsetKarst Sunset
Karst Sunset

Not getting old are they?

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