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September 19th 2009
Published: August 25th 2011
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Longsheng, the city from north of Guilin, famous by rice terrace, that was the missing place where I wanted to go in 2007, but we hadn't time, now we are back to complete our wish, also our promise to our Guilin's friend, Fiona, she is a tourist guide there, we met in 2007 when we went to the Guilin, she was our guide, and then we become good friends.
This time we stayed in village, in the middle of the rice terrace, no car and no noise at night, just the bug's songs and the sky full of stars, a wonderful morning view of rice terrace. Talking about rice terrace, there is a great agriculture engineering, a irrigation system made by bamboos and woods, distributing the water source from the top to the hole terrace, simple but efficient, incredible to see.
This time we played a lot in the water, that is not a usual activity for Chinese, somehow Chinese are so much afraid about the adventure sport, almost 4 years in China, I only entered in a waterfalls once, in Longsheng, that was my favorite activity in Brazil, we always looking for the waterfalls, and this time we had one with the Fiona's help. We also did a rafting there, it wasn't like rafting we had in Brazil, this time in China we didn't have the oars, but it also was very funny using only our hands to oar, the route was made by many small dams, we didn't thought that would be so great.
That trip was simple, but very nice, we are in 7, 7 persons really enjoy the simple thing of the life, really enjoy to be with the nature, that was great, with the friends who have the same hobbies, I miss them, I always will.

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