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August 2nd 2012
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Crown Cave 10Crown Cave 10Crown Cave 10

the pillar
The Crown Cave is situated in Yangshuo, Guilin. It is 29km south of Guilin. The name Guangyan was given because of the gleaming lights in the dark pitch cave. The length of the cave is about 12km, only 3km of the trail is developed and open to public. An underground river contained below the cave that leads out to the River Li. They said it is like a river that flows into the hills, hollow on the inside, one can hear the sound of the water dripping from the stalactites, echoes of tourists, coolness of the air, fresh mineral water that taste sweet.

We had to queue up at the station awaiting our tickets to have a ride on a two-seat car with a gear to accelerate (no speed limit) on the railway track into the Crown Cave. It was fun. We were like kids that day.

It was a big cave, dark as usual for all caves, just a few fluorescent lights hanging here and there, some areas with spot lights, a little brighter for a better view of the structures of the cave inside. Some walls structures are unique, naturally formed. I particular like the one with
Crown Cave 23Crown Cave 23Crown Cave 23

reflection of the pond in the cave
the winged eagle that most tourist may missed it, unless a local guide tag along with you. We saw a tea shop. A nice cozy place for a cuppa can be very nice.

In the cave there is a staircase descending to another section. We saw stalls selling souvenir items, big items to small intricate things like big crafted Buddha statues, Jade Fruits and Flower Plants, to little pendants and bracelets. Mostly are semi precious stones, they do have many types of colorful jades, interior deco items too. Do not miss the machine that shaped the semi precious stones to rounded one from the raw ones.

I like the cave of pillars. Huge stalactites and stalagmites filled the cave, some joined to create huge pillars in some great heights of 50 meters. Colorful lights on these pillars makes this cave more beautiful, a magical world, I should say. I could stay the whole day just watching these pillars and I bet most tourists would agree with me.

There are many ways to travel inside the cave. It has the elevator, big and small boats and a train ride to another section. Each transport brought us joy and
Crown Cave 20Crown Cave 20Crown Cave 20

a bridge too far
excitement. Crown Cave was named in the Guinness Book of World records for many ways to travel in one cave. I believe this is the only cave in this world has such facilities. Thumbs Up!

If God is willing, I hope to visit this cave again. It is never enough for me. It was short trip so little to see, I can only share a few. Hope these pictures will help you in some ways, probably for your future trip to this beautiful Crown Cave.

Chai Chien!

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Crown Cave 30Crown Cave 30
Crown Cave 30

Chinese character "FOH" means "The Buddha"
Crown Cave 1Crown Cave 1
Crown Cave 1

The two seat car on rail into Crown Cave
Crown Cave 3Crown Cave 3
Crown Cave 3

stairway to another section
Crown Cave 4Crown Cave 4
Crown Cave 4

the elevator
Crown Cave 6Crown Cave 6
Crown Cave 6

the tea shop
Crown Cave 7Crown Cave 7
Crown Cave 7

the tea shop
Crown Cave 8Crown Cave 8
Crown Cave 8

the winged eagle
Crown Cave 9Crown Cave 9
Crown Cave 9

the train
Crown Cave 13Crown Cave 13
Crown Cave 13

the pillars
Crown Cave 15Crown Cave 15
Crown Cave 15

the finished product
Crown Cave 16Crown Cave 16
Crown Cave 16

the machine that grind the raw semi precious stones
Crown Cave 18Crown Cave 18
Crown Cave 18


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