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April 18th 2012
Published: April 18th 2012
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Jinxiu and Mengshan county is right next to Lipu township, also claimed to have Yao community, especially in Jinxiu region, so I went over to check out some markets. Xiayi and Xinxu in Mengshan county both could see some Yao woman, they all kept their headdress. Mengshan has its place in the Chinese history, the revolted of the Taiping Kingdom army had made their name here and began the short 13 years glory(1851-1864). Now there was only a small shrine said to be where the upraising began that visitor could see. The Mengshan town didn't has much to offer to tourist, 2 small hilltop could hike up but offer no view! 3 extreme huge banyan trees stood on the north end of town, but the surrounding construction work stop me from hang around too long! About 5km north of town hidden inside some quiet villages is a pretty long wind-rain bridge, original build in year 1886, and replaced the flooring and foundation into concrete structure in year 1988.
The Zhongliang market in Jinxiu area offered a little better costume scene for the Yao, "I am real Pan Yao" the Yao woman proudly claimed! couple of women still wear full costume, disc like hat wrap with white turban, some are with white or red threads, then laced and decorated with embroidered ribbon. the robe has impressive wide pattern run along the lapel, kind of similar to the Daban Yao in Funing area. Planning to see the Sanjiang market today but it was raining in the morning, and weather forecast that a crying sky will be on the next few days. Anyways...I wouldn't think there will be any different Yao subgroup in the area, perhaps should switch back become a tourist for a few day before heading back to Hongkong. Beside...I had never see any of Guilin before, still need to get hold of a train ticket before the May First holiday rush in a week time.

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