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Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou October 18th 2014

I have to say it feels very weird that in this month last year I was celebrating my 25th birthday and telling all my friends and family that I had accepted a job working for Disney and that I would be moving to China in December. Not to mention that I was drinking beer with the comedian Ed Bryne whilst working at a bar in Salisbury. It has come around so fast, especially when I add all the trips I’ll be taking soon. With my sister arriving mid October and leaving on November 1st its only 2 weeks till I go to the Philippines for my friend Casey’s wedding and then only 4 weeks after that till I’m home for my annual renewal contract leave. Disney Land – Round 2 of the year, Round 1 of ... read more
Charmaine and I
Rocking it with Buzz
Bettering the viral video with 3 girls 1 cup

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou October 12th 2014

Wake Up… I woke up today with the lyrics of a friend’s song playing in the back of my mind – “Wake up, let me tell you the story of the things that I’ve done…” – and realized how quickly the days and weeks are passing. It has already been ten weeks since we left our home, though it feels like it was just days ago that we were organizing the details that would send us toward our next journey… well, here we are! Despite the many new and exciting experiences in China, I have felt comfortable since day one. But what makes each day so powerful, is having my other half Erin with me to enjoy the adventure with. Each day I wake up more and more grateful to be next to Erin, the one ... read more
Picnic Party
Forest Adventure
Desert Adventure

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou October 11th 2014

So not a lot happened in August for me to bang on about really. At work I did a travel event for the students as one of our referral events. I took the higher level students whilst Yoshie did the lower level. The TG wasn’t actually that great so I basically turned it into a geography lesson and changed the target vocab up a little. It was so good that our newest member of the KW family Annie an SFT used my plan for when she had to teach it. Shark Bait Hoo Ha ha have been rocking quiz night recently, doing very well with the uber geeky questions, and those involving Britain. I think after the great cheese debacle Frank the quiz host knows not to try me anymore haha. I’ve been planning, booking and ... read more
Mr Pancake house how i've missed you
Western style chinese food
My fortune reading

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou October 7th 2014

It’s been a little over a month since we arrived and it’s about high time that I write about the noticeable changes that I have experienced since leaving four years ago. Every time I look out the window, I catch myself humming a little tune “Where, oh where, did the pollution go?” Not that I miss it at all, but it has been such a shocking difference that it absolutely has to be remarked on. Whatever they have been doing here to clean up the air has worked. I was so afraid of the possible ill effects of the pollution, that before Sean and I left Canada, I shipped in a year’s supply of Astaxanthin (an antioxidant 500 times more powerful than vitamin C ) from Hawaii to ensure that we did not get cancer while ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 28th 2014

Keep it Simple; Keep it Real I try to adopt a “less is more” approach to life, and I genuinely believe that simplicity is the key, thus finding myself immersed in a culture that is so familiar with having very little and keeping things simple, has been both interesting and inspiring. Down the road from our home in Guangzhou is a construction project, a ten story building being erected by a small group of migrant workers. Not a day passes that I do not stop and stare in awe at these men who – from early morning to late evening – work tirelessly at what seems an enormous task. I must mention that they have no machinery, just their bodies and the hand tools they carry with them. I must also mention that until the building ... read more
Slow but steady!
From morning to night
Keep it simple!

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 20th 2014

“I don’t think I can do it”. I pulled the tweezers back from his little body. So tiny. Smaller than my pinky finger. “Well, he has been here for two days and if we don’t get him off he is going to die.” “Yeah, but what happens if I accidently rip the bottom of his stomach off? Can you imagine how much that is going to hurt?” I have no problems digging a calcification out of my eye with a pair of tweezers, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Visuals of the poor baby gecko’s stomach slicing in half as I tried unsuccessfully to peel it off the sticky door hinge haunted me and shaking my head, I passed the tweezers to Sean, “you do the last bit, he is mostly unstuck now.” I ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 14th 2014

Round and Round it goes... Fourteen hours on the airplane from Toronto and finally we arrived in Beijing, tired but in good spirits. As we approached security, I remembered that I was carrying all of Erin’s homeopathic remedies in my knapsack. Placing my knapsack on the conveyor belt, I nervously awaited for the Chinese officials to see the dozens of remedies in their little yellow vials as they passed through the x-ray machine. And then it happened… The conveyor belt stopped and I anxiously waited to be carried off to a Chinese prison where I would be interrogated – hour after hour – as to the content of these strange vials of small remedies. Wait, my knapsack came out the other side and no one looked twice at me! Phew! From there, we cleared customs and ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 8th 2014

Before returning to Guangzhou, I decided to test out a new experiment on myself: try not to create any expectations. According to yogic philosophy, expectations of any sort create havoc on appreciating something as it truly is and must be avoided like the plague. So, set on experiencing China again as it really is, I completely blocked Guangzhou from my mind for the last couple of months in Canada. I did such a good job of it that if anyone asked me if I was excited about returning to China, the only truthful answer I could give them was, "it hasn't hit me yet". I tried my best to remain in that "no expectations" state throughout all of the months of preparation and planning. The prep work was so intense and all consuming anyway that it ... read more
Sketchy Bag of Henna

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen August 30th 2014

So to get from Hanzhou to Shenzhen we were to take the Bullet train. The train reaches over 240 kph with the top speed I saw on the screen being 236 kph. The journey was around 1000 miles with it taking in total over 10.5 hours. There are numerous stops on the way although the same train for the whole journey. The departure was at 7.37am at Hangzhou station. The largest rail station in Asia. The set up was like an airport in terms of a departures and arrivals sections. To enter the departures you also needed to go through luggage Secruity and had to have your ticket present. Once in departures you would also then need to wait at your gate whereby you only had access to the platform 15mins prior to the arrival of ... read more
Hangzhou Railway Station
Hangzhou Railway Station
Hangzhou Railway Statation

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen August 24th 2014

Hey Everyone, Well I finally made it to China. I mean real People's Republic of China not Hong Kong quasi China. I tried about two weeks ago and was turned away at the border because I had the wrong visa. We had taken the train up to the border and then I left my cohort there and returned to HK where I went up to Victoria Peak, but that's a different story. So for this trip, I left my hotel yesterday morning on the DB02R bus that takes me to Hong Kong Int'l airport. Having done a bit of research I found a "limo" service that takes the road route to Shenzhen and feeling like a new view, I decided to take it. That cost was considerably higher than the train as one may expect HKD ... read more

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