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Asia » China » Guangdong » Foshan March 18th 2015

next to the Guangzhou city is Foshan. it is small city but have a lot of history about Kungfu master. the most two famous Kungfu masters born and live here, Huang Fei Honf and Ip man, so if you visit this city you must come to the rental temple (Zumiao temple) to see the Kungfu performing or you can come to visit the Pot industry park to buy some chinese pot ceramic. ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen February 15th 2015

13 fév (Toujours à Hong Kong) Je me lève de bonne heure ce matin. Bien avant les deux chinois qui eux, dorment encore. En bedaine, l'un d'eux ronfle sur le dos. Il ressemble à une statue de Bouddha qui aurait chavirée. Je descend de mon lit instantanément et me rend à la salle commune pour profiter du "Free Coffee" instantané. J'aurai effectivement besoin de caféine aujourd'hui. Ça risque d'être une journée particulièrement remplit et pleine de surprises encore une fois. C'est que dans quelques heures, je quitte l'île de Hong Kong et traverserai la frontière pour mettre pieds sur le continent chinois, Pays le plus populeux de la planète. Je prends le bus, puis le métro, et me rend jusqu'à Lo Wu où je passerai à Shenzhen (Chine). Hong Kong me laisse partir sans anicroche. Et ... read more
Crevettes, fritos et wasabi
Night in Shenzhen

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 31st 2015

As the train rolled out of Guangzhou Railway Station, I was lulled by the calming sway of the railcar as it smoothly coasted out of the city centre at a steady 155 kilometres an hour. While I contemplated reading my current book, I could not turn away from the landscape thinking to myself, ‘one and a half billion people lie outside the windows of this train’. This idea is constantly playing in my mind. The cities never end and I often wonder how so many people can live amongst each other and how so much was ever built to begin with. For the entire two hour train ride – with the odd exception of a tiny plot of lingering farm land – there is never a break from the sea of concrete that meets the tracks ... read more
Empty bottles full of hope.
One hundred story buildings everywhere!

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 24th 2015

I am always delighted when my consumer goods carry inside them little secret packages of happiness. It doesn't have to be anything complicated - like a free gift - little words of inspiration are more than enough. I remove my new face cream from the box and put it on the counter, musing at the inscription on the inner flap. “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.” Albert Einstein “Indeed,” I think to myself as I play with the box, opening it to see if there are any other beautiful inscriptions hidden inside its depths or if there are any secret layers, almost like one would open a Russian doll - layer by layer. Unlike the Russian dolls that come apart easily, I have found that peeling away and getting to the core ... read more
CD Dude in Front of Dike Bar
Music Food Man
The Beginning of Our Undercover Mission

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 17th 2015

“Oh, oh.” “What’s wrong?” Erin asks me seeing the concerned look on my face. “Well, I just finished grading my exams and it’s a near failing average… I designed the exam at a grade nine level, so it couldn’t be any easier, and I already inflated my grades to meet Chinese standards… I’m going to call the course chair and see what he suggests.” After having the course chair come to our house, we sat down and I explained the situation. After showing him the ridiculously simple exam and the extremely poor results, he looked at me annoyed. “So, what’s the problem?” he asked in broken English. “Why did you waste my time by having me come here to discuss this?” “Huh?” I asked confused. Growing more annoyed he said, “I’m not sure what your problem ... read more
Waiting potential!
Campus scenery.
Ideas in the making!

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 15th 2015

So I’ve just gotten through the door after a pretty smooth flight back to China and I thought what better way to end the trip then by writing the blog about it. I had promised myself some time to finish Chelsea’s trip and the Philippines whilst I was back in the UK but never got round to it. I don’t want to dwell on the bad moments of the trip so I’ll quickly summarise here and then babble on about the good bits for ages after. I was very nervous about going back, the reason I really came to China for work was to get away from all the negativity and demands of others who were happy to take, take, take but weren’t willing to help when I needed the most. This past year in China ... read more
Spending time with my sister
My Best Friend!!!!!
Christmas day

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 5th 2015

Upon coming to China, the idea of living in a Communist country had a mysterious ring to it. I had this impression of a world structured by order and rigid obedience, where I would step off the airplane into 1984, forced to censor my thoughts and feelings, terrified that I was being spied on by everyone around me. While there are indeed some semblances of those ideas, it is much more subtle than what I had expected. Today’s China has evolved from the typical Communist ideologies that shaped the world during the Cold War, to a point where – I would argue – China is much less Communist than it is Capitalist. While the Communist Party still dictates China and there is a definite reluctance to challenge the status quo, ... read more
School of Marxism

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou December 28th 2014

Dear Erin, I'm so inspired by the story of you and Sean!!! How great it is to find someone you love, and love you, to make the commitment of spending the rest of your lives together, to sell everything, to be together, off on an adventure. This is definitely the dream!!! Your student, Lily I close the email and sit in front of my computer musing. Lily’s synopsis of our adventure is a perfect reflection of those simple values Sean and I committed to when we married almost a year ago. Love each other. Be together. Have an adventure. Although I have traveled extensively on my own, having Sean with me has lent a depth that I would not have realized on my own. Our conversation continues from one day to the next as we comment ... read more
Hot Pink Velour Pants
Monsieur Pants
Sean at our Friday Night Hot Pot

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou December 18th 2014

Recently, Erin and I were invited to read poetry at a well publicized event to promote Chinese literary culture. The event featured Yang Lian, a prominent Chinese poet who was exiled for his criticisms against the Chinese government in the 1980s and the famous German literary scholar Wolfgang Kubin, who gained notoriety in China as a result of his controversial perspectives on Chinese culture. We were in good company! Visiting authors from foreign countries is a rarity in China and something carefully censored, so for a weekend, we were treated like royalty and our every need was meticulously catered to. On the day of the event, Erin and I were ushered to our seats front and centre, patiently waiting to read the words of the poets who sat beside us. First on the agenda, Yang Lian ... read more
Erin's poetry reading
Wolfgang Kubin - Famous literary scholar
Poetry with Sean

Asia » China » Guangdong December 13th 2014

“You know how our teachers teach us classical western literature?’ Sophy waved her arm in the arm as her voice rang out across the restaurant. We were having breakfast with her after attending a poetry convention the previous evening. We had been paid very well to show up and read a bit of poetry to a Chinese audience. “Well, I guess it depends on what you consider classical literature.” I answered slowly, catching Sean’s eye. Just because Sophy was part of the most elite poetry clan in China and an expert translator for some of the most preeminent authors in the country did not mean that she knew good western classical literature. “Like Whitman, you know, Whitman?” She flung her hair back, smiled at me while stuffing a piece of dragon fruit into her mouth. “You ... read more
This has nothing to do with learning good...
The New Taxi of Guangzhou
Hangzhou Trip

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