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August 9th 2012
Published: August 9th 2012
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Seldom travel in Guangdong. but this Liannan region said to populated with many Yao that attracted my attention. so here I came and see what hidden behind this lowland hill area. Escape from the suffocated heat in Hongkong, but went a bit further north the climate still the same, luckily all the guesthouse in town had aircon, so I better hide myself inside the room during midday chilled by cool air.

Well...Liannan didn't disappointed me, I saw Yao women everywhere in town especially on market day. Although there are a little different in their dressing style, be it colour or pattern, some women wear pointy head, some women wear round crown head, and most just covered with head scraf, but overall the Yao's identity could easily to seen. The indigo robe, the embrodery pattern, the knee lenght baggy trousers, the legging and jewellery. and they all call themselve Pai Yao.

There are many Yao villages in the region, one even turn into a tourist village with entry fee. Although the region populated with many Yao, but there wasn't many in Lianzhou market and Lianshan market. anyway...Liannan fill the empty spot in Guangdong for minority scene.

PS. discussed with some local later and find out there were about 8 different kind of dressing style between this Pai Yao, although they all call themselve Pai Yao, but betweem them they recognised each other by the way from which village group they are live in. "you saw about 5/8 of the Pai Yao in Liannan" a local man total me. The different are very tiny in their costume, sometimes is only knee lenght or full lenght of the trousers, but they all can tell the different by look at their dress.

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