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September 1st 2007
Published: September 1st 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

So time is flying,
We're in the office on a Saturday, thought we'd add an entry here so you you know that we remain as teachers. We've got more classes now- of all levels- it's a good challenge.

We both celebrated birthdays in August. We have found a cool bar here with a live band and friendly atmosphere- the whole place sang "Happy Birthday" to us on each of our birthdays- strange as they're only eight days appart so it was a bit like deja vous. Lelde got to blow candles out on a cake, on stage- it happended to be the singers' birthday too!( the girl on the right hand side of the group picture.

One sad thing is that our colleague, Ramona has finnished work and left for a visit to northern China and then home to Canada- she was always up for a laugh and we have spent many happy weekends with her. Have fun Ramona!

The pictures at the club were taken when we were out on Ramona's leaving do. You may notice the interest taken by one and all in the plate of peanuts- here you will get plate after plate of these complementary snacks- after our first night there, Ramona joked that they could have just brought us a bucket of peanuts! fantastic!

We hope to do some exploration of Zhongshan and have purchased some bikes of ambiguous origin- well they were cheap! This was an experience in itself- haggling and testing each bike out- some with wheels out of shape, and most with no brakes! In the end we paid 140 yuan for two bikes- not quite ten quid- which seems a bargain but was definetly too much by local standards. Still we're happy, as we will gain new freedom in our spare time and be able to get around a bit more- Zhongshan has 1.25-1.5 million inhabitants and is very spread out. Being on the delta of the Pearl river there are lots of waterways nearby and settlements of people who raise fish in pools, so there should be a lot to explore.
We will hit the road later today after my lesson and when the rain lets up!

nu atkal jau kartejo reizi atliek vien bezpalidzigi nosecinat, ka laiks skrien.... pirmdiena piektdiena, pirmdiena piektdiena... darbs darbs darbs...lai gan interesants un patikshanu rosinoshs, tomer ari stresains, laiku un energjiju paterejoshs un prasoshs... Ta, luk! Shodien jau pirmais septembris - nu neticas! Vasara teoretiski ir gala!, nu varbut ne shajos platuma grados, jo karstums joprojam ir pamatigs, cerams vismaz, ka svelme pamazam noplaks laika gaita...
Aizvakar iegadajamies lietotus (zagtus) ritenjus par nelielam naudinjam - 70 juanas katrs, tas ir aptuveni piechuks musu nominacijas, es domaju, ka noteikti var dabut ari letakus braucamrikus, bet tad ir vai nu japiedzimst kjinietim vai baigi jamak kauleties. Bijam planojushio shodien izbraukt pa perimetru, bet tagad list un ir gruti paredzet ka bus velak. Lai ari Sestdiena, tomer esam ofisa - Stivenam ir privatstunda pec 15 min., man - plans sagatavoties pirmdienas lekcijai vairak vai mazak. Tikko sanjemam telefona zvanu no musu skolotajas un ta vien radas, ka Kjinieshu valodas stunda shodien ir atcelta...😞
Ja, musu kolegjite Ramona - baigi feina chiksa - vinjai gan ir seshdesmit gadi, bet ne nu izskatas, ne jutas - ir aizdevusies prom, vinjas kontrakts beidzas...Zhel, jo vinja tiesham bija baigi laba kompanija ar labu humora izjutu piedevam!!.. Mus ta ka plano parvietot uz vinjas dzivokli, kas butu feini, jo vinjas miteklis ir lielaks un nedaudz jaukaks un pie tam man tiesham labpatiktos dzivot bez citiem cilvekiem...
Tadi, luk, piragi!
Masinj, Tev ir taisniba. Ta vien ir ka Tu teici - no acim prom no sirds ara.....Vienigais, kas vienmer paliek ir gjimene😊 Buchas.

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More strange fruit.More strange fruit.
More strange fruit.

Tastes a bit like kiwi- don't know the name though.
Strange fruit.Strange fruit.
Strange fruit.

A birthday fruit hamper of tropical fare.
Dr Sun Yat Sen staue.Dr Sun Yat Sen staue.
Dr Sun Yat Sen staue.

You can only see the plinth here, but he faces down a boulevard that must be a mile long- dead straight and lined with palm trees, with the local government building at the other end which itself is quite cool, as it looks a bit like Paris' 'La Defense'.
Dr Sun Yat Sen Memorial parkDr Sun Yat Sen Memorial park
Dr Sun Yat Sen Memorial park

We went for a wander here the other day. Zhongshan was home to Dr Sun Yat Sen The founder of China in a post Imperial age.
Dancing queens.Dancing queens.
Dancing queens.

Ramona and Lelde.
With friends.With friends.
With friends.

Pooch( from Cebu), Ramona, Lelde and Eften( a local)
Ramona and the lead singer at Alexs'.Ramona and the lead singer at Alexs'.
Ramona and the lead singer at Alexs'.

This guy has an amazing voice and superhuman energy. Not forgetting the other singers(ladys) who are also extremely talented.

1st September 2007

happeeeeeee birthdays my dears!.. maybe a bit late.. but i didn't know!.. i am in brighton doing an advanced massage course.. i saw many a hairy man today standing outside the world beard and moustache 2007 championships.. brilliant!.. was very exciting indeed!....
1st September 2007

eee labkas draudzenes takš ar pie #imenes skaits, ja? vstules ar rakstam bieži tik tas pastnieks žuliks citreiz slinko :)) Ceru saFmi manas daudzs +sziFas uz savu 7+niešu tel. dz.d.!? Bu a.
4th September 2007

Hey guys! seems you are very busy but overall happy!!! lots of kisses and dont get lost in that far away country!!
6th September 2007

Nee How
Happy Double Belated Birfdays old beanz,,,so you've settled for a while, teaching must b really challenging.... and sooo rewarding when you pupilz respond to you r prompting....Keep up the jolly roger... All well here, back to college n all that, Sendin the Lurv, Caroline xxx
15th September 2007

I've said about this language business before but i'll let you off as I suspect it may be lelde. Totally love those little red spikey fruits which I cant remember the name of. Hows everything going. Liking the photos.
17th September 2007

Yes... we may not have mentioned it so far, but this is a bi-lingual blog- English and Latvian, unless ur on about my writing, which is fair enough:)
5th October 2010
More strange fruit.

5th March 2011
More strange fruit.

Fruit with black seeds
Dragon Fruit

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