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September 13th 2006
Published: September 13th 2006
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That would be accurate. The foreign teacher made the chinese students cry. Well it was actually only one student, and it was just a few tears, but this is another first in my book. I don't know what is in the tea that these chinese teachers drink, but oooh! is their power strong. I use a small inflatable soccer ball in my class as a fun way to take turns answering questions. It really does add an extra element to the class, so I don't want to have to take away the ball, but a few students have gotten a little over zealous with the ball and literally hurled it at someone else. Well, I have explained to them (in my best charades brand english) that if you hurl the soccer ball at another student you will spend the rest of the class standing in a corner in a staring contest with the wall, which had worked up until today. Apparently, I forgot to mention what happens if you hurl the ball at the foreign teacher's face. (Point noted: will add it to tomorrow's lesson). In my last class today, I asked a student to throw the ball back to me, well he took that opportunity to wind up and whip it at my face. Luckily, class was almost over, so I told that student to get up and wait outside the class and we were heading to the office where someone was going to get the the wooden spoon (shoutout to MOM!). After class, he followed me into the office and I got the attention of all the teachers i could and explained to them (again in my best charades) that he threw the ball at my face. Well, they started talking to him (no idea what was said) in a very comforting way, and then he started to cry - just a few tears- but the kid was visibly upset. But I'm thinking, hold up here! Nobody even yelled at him, no voice was raised, how is this kid crying? He apparantly didn't mean to throw it hard, we shoke hands and made up, all is good.....but I tell you, I can't for the life of me figure out what those chinese teachers drink to make them possess the fear of God!


13th September 2006

I never used the wooden spoon
I am here to defend myself. I never used the spoon, only held it up in the air! It did work evertime! You had better be careful. You will loose your star status with the students!
24th April 2007

Oh wow Ms. Ahrens! I feel so sad knowing you were hurt, but I guess all is well now. I think the teachers possess such characteristics because of their culture. They are able to reach out to the students in a way foreigners can't (I should know that!)

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