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June 11th 2010
Published: June 11th 2010
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Just a recent random thought (after all, it is a blog right?) I've (Martin) had.....

Never in our lives have we had so little control of our day to day outcomes.

Sure, we implore certain measures to increase the chance of successful outcomes, but with no native language ability, and a general unfamiliarity of the ways of this country, we have had to just put our entire TRUST in the process.


Putting trust in people and things we have never met or experienced before.


I can't tell you how many times we've been put in a car (not against our will or anything) and taken somewhere. Most times we have a good sense of where we will end up, like our Chinese class that meets twice a week for instance. Often we have different drivers, each one taking a different route, with differing driving skills. The common denominator however, is going as fast as the four wheels can. We trust we will always get to class on time and in one piece. So far, so good.


It will be interesting to see how we re-adjust back in the States where we will instantly have more direct control of our lives and how we get to point A to point B.


It has tought us to be patient--not only with each other, but with other people, countries, and cultures.


Sometimes trust is the only thing that gets you where you need or want to go. For us, we've gone a long way this year. We can't wait for whats ahead.



11th June 2010 of the hardest things to give someone...and one of the hardest things to regain once it's two have handled it all amazingly well during your time in China...and because of it, you have grown so much in your relationship and in your knowledge of people and the world around you!
11th June 2010

This is one of the most insightful things I've read in a long time and so true. You really do have to learn to trust people you otherwise never would, and not just with small things, but big things too. Letting go of the control like that can be really hard, and some people never adjust. Kudos to the both of you!
14th June 2010

I love that you guys adapted so well and have had such an amazing experience! All those kinds of trust are not easy to come by, and I'm sure we could all learn from your life lessons that you've expereinced! Teach me the patience portion!! :)

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