June 2, 2009. Living in China. No Library Today.

This journal has been deleted.
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4th June 2009

In China the date is the date of production, not expiration date. So the milk was safe!
4th June 2009

Thank you
I appreciate your comment.Thank you. My qusetion is how can you tell if someting is too old to be sold? And I am refereing to every product, not just milk.
5th June 2009

On longer life goods it usually has a production date then it will say how long it is good for. But on fresh goods, like milk it only seems to have the date it was made, so you need to guess how long it is edible for! I do not know why, I guess maybe one factor is because a lot of Chinese people buy fresh stuff everyday from the market, cook and fry it. They do not rely as heavily on a fridge and freezer as we do in the west.
5th June 2009

Thank You Again
Thanks for taking the time and trouble to explain this to me. Now I understand.

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