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February 9th 2009
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Moon HillMoon HillMoon Hill

Yangshou, China
Hello Everyone!

We have returned from our vacation, tired and worn, but more than thankful for the experience. It will take us a few more days to get up all of our blog postings, but if you would like to check out our pictures, you can access them via our Google pictures. You should have received a link to the first web album (which are actually pictures from Macau) left over from New Year’s in your email. We took well over 1000 photos over the course of 25 days, and almost an hours worth of video, so this is just the tip of the iceberg! Take your time, enjoy, and please leave your comments and questions.

We also have some important news- Jessica has returned to the United States. She was having some issues with her health before we left for vacation, and picked up a strange bug somewhere between China and Vietnam that made her very sick. This meant we were stuck in Vietnam for far longer than we had originally intended and we ended up cutting our vacation short by a little over a week (we were originally supposed to fly back yesterday actually). As the sanitation
Warm at last!Warm at last!Warm at last!

Nha Trang, Vietnam.
standards are not exactly high in China and the access to quality, healthy food is limited, we decided the best place for her to regain her health was in the States. Brian, however, will be finishing out the remaining four months. Therefore, the next few blogs by Jess will not be about life in China like Brian’s, but rather about what it is like to return to the United States after six months in Asia.

It has been a crazy, complicated, and at times stressful month, but despite the difficulties we faced over vacation, it was entirely worth it. We learned a lot- about traveling, about history and culture, and perhaps most importantly, about ourselves. We ate some amazing food, saw beautiful sights, and took miserably long bus rides. We discovered the joys (and pitfalls) of taking overnight trains and had more than one encounter with rodents. We added new stamps to our passports, but far more importantly, we fell in love with the uniquely troubled and deeply penetrating country of Cambodia. We look forward as always to sharing our stories with you.

Brian and Jessica

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Crazy streets.Crazy streets.
Crazy streets.

Saigon, Vietnam.
Lighthouse OrphanageLighthouse Orphanage
Lighthouse Orphanage

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Street FoodStreet Food
Street Food

Bangkok, Thailand.

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