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September 8th 2008
Published: September 8th 2008
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So, in short, my internet is down and I'm using my contact teacher's. So no pics.


The contract signing ceremony went well yesterday. It was pretty hysterical to see 114 teachers (us) flanked by 2 people each, and everyone had a bouquet of flowers that would make your head spin. Seriously, if you hold the bottom down by your waist, they still cover your face. I thought I had a vase in mine. Nope. The flowers are just that heavy. The celebration banquet served us 12 courses. I ate most of them, with Anthony refilling my bowl constantly. They dont' seem put off by the fact that I don't eat beef or pork. Whew!

My new principal is Iris, and my contact teacher Anthony. Both are really nice people who speak excellent English. I also met the Vice Principal. And the driver. And the nurse. And more teachers than I can count. Today we had a flag raising ceremony at 7:30am and I got to greet all 1000 students.

My school is only 5 years old. My apt is brand-spankin' new. The appliances were barely used, as they just finished building it a month before the previous guy left last year. My furniture matches, I have a flat screen TV, a computer in my room (whose internet is not working for my lap top) and I'll get one in my office too. They also stocked my fridge with oranges, milk, ginger cola, and 4 boxes of moon cakes. They also gave me 5 kinds of soap.

The school is covered in flowers, window boxes everywhere, mango trees, palm trees.... and a koi pond. With fish. And turtles (I have yet to see them, but Anthony assures me they are there).

I have also figured out how Chinese people stay so skinny: I have a 5 flight walk-up to my apt. Who needs a gym!?

I am located right across the street from a mongo-sized Jesco, 3 shopping malls, and a Carrefor (it's like a French Walmart, where as Jesco is more like a French Target). I also have army training next door. Shall we say I feel safer having them watch over me?

My friend from the program, who I met at the police station, Stacy, lives on the other side of Carrefor from me. 5 minute walk. She's already taken me shopping (this is her second year, so she can talk to people for me), and tomorrow she's taking me to meet her tailor. Yeah, Clothes!
So now I'm off to read Harper's Bazaar to get ideas for what I want. And by read, I mean look at the pictures.


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