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January 17th 2011
Published: January 22nd 2011
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Guangzhou to Taishan

Next morning we decided to leave Guangzhou and go to James small village 1 drive away from Taishan (2hr bus ride from Guangzhou). Before we left Guangzhou we went walking in Yuexiu Park, visited the Zhenhai tower, and went to see the Nanyue King Mausoleum Museum.

In the late afternoon we picked up our heavy packs and caught a taxi to the busy bus station 2 blocks away in the heavy traffic. Once at the busy bus port James and Macey purchased bus tickets for us to Taishan where we were going to stay with James Xiao Yee (Youngest Aunt).

In Taishan James’s Aunty and Uncle treated us to the famous Taishan claypot rice meal that James kept raving on about since YangShou. I must say it was delicious, even with my chewing capacity at 80 percent. Dinner was at a lounge bar, except it wasn’t a bar it was more like a tea house with comfortable couches and friendly staff to meet your every need. The place was called UCB tea and coffee or something like that. We managed to get a private room with a lounge suite, dining table and a Marjong table + chairs. At these tea house people would normally bring their own tea. Sitting on the table was a small tea set (a similar size to doll house tea sets). James acted as the host and shows us how to prepare and serve tea Chinese style. It was a place for people to socialise with their friend / colleagues, smoke, eat, and drink tea.
The next morning we planning on getting up around mid morning and go to James Village called RuiXing.

Pete and Hannah.

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Zhenhai towerZhenhai tower
Zhenhai tower

Zhenhai is the oldest surviving tower in Guangzhou built in the 1300s It was later used as a watch tower incorporated in the city walls (now demolished)
The goat statue The goat statue
The goat statue

Pete with other chinese tourist

22nd January 2011

I'm just loving the trip. Beautiful photos and I'm totally awed by the fabulous things you are doing.

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