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November 2nd 2012
Published: April 7th 2013
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Authors Note: this was actually suppose to be finished back in November. I must apologize for the lateness of this posting. Recently a group of teachers that i work with and of course myself went on a trip for two days. This trip was desgined as a 'team building' excerice by the management. But to us mere employees it was a much needed excuse for a little rest and relaxation from the turmoils and pressure of teaching. A get away if you will. This was exactly what we needed.

We were gathered at the school early in the morning, just as the sun was breaking through the clouds as a start of another fine day. As we boarded the bus that was bound for our destination boxes of snacks and drinks (coke, iced tea and of course beer) was brought on the bus to quinch our thiurst during the drive. As we started off on our trip the bus driver started playing some music on the TV, the first song "London Bridge" in Chinese. Which to my sense of humour was ironic considering that a good portion of the staff were english teachers and all of us aboard were above
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the age of 20. The 2 hour plus ride were filled with beer, snacks, singing and general tom foolery. During the ride to our desintation some of the staff members went up and sang some songs, which although some were not musically inclined still provided the entertainment and some level of relief. All rather enjoyable.

We arrived at Haisheng Bay Oceania Point Resort in the lovely resort villa of Huizhou. We stood around in the lobby until we were paired off and given our room keys. I was with a person named Greg, nice man, of course the rooms were 2 beds. not that the group spent much time in the rooms. We dropped our luggage off in the room. As for myself i proceeded to back downstairs to have a look around the hotel and to see the beauty that layed before us for the next several days of rest and relxation.

With the trip at an end, and everyone returned to their homes well rested from the trip. I must say that this trip with a moderate amount of confidence was a seccess.

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