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May 5th 2007
Published: August 10th 2007
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Cheeky new friendsCheeky new friendsCheeky new friends

These young Tibetan boys followed me for ages before they were brave enough to "make contact". Then it was full steam ahead!
One of my favourite activities whenever I arrive anywhere new, is to wander (often aimlessly) through back streets and up trails to get a feel for the "real life" experiences of the locals. It also affords me many opportunities to meet the locals and at least make an attempt at effective communication!

My wanderings in and around Xiahe provided me with innumerable opportunities such as this. In particular, I was trailed by curious groups of children of varying ages (and confidence!) wherever I went. I spent many happy hours conversing with these children, taking photographs and showing them how to use my camera, being led by them into the hills for magnificent views over the town, even introducing them to a game of frisbee in the mosque grounds as their busy parents prepared for the Feast of Mohommed! Such wonderful memories!

So, let me introduce you to the children of Xiahe. Please note many of the following photos were taken by the children, so no apologies for their quality or otherwise! I think they were very fast learners and did a pretty good job!

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Sue & cheeky boysSue & cheeky boys
Sue & cheeky boys

We had a lot of fun with the camera! They thought it was great to learn how to use one!
It's a bit glary!It's a bit glary!
It's a bit glary!

Everyone had to have a go!
Take that!Take that!
Take that!

Martial arts are very popular in China!
Haruko makes friends on the roadHaruko makes friends on the road
Haruko makes friends on the road

It seemed we were "kid magnets" wherever we went!
Wow, now that's a camera!Wow, now that's a camera!
Wow, now that's a camera!

The kids soon lost interest in my camera once they set eyes on Ash's pro model!
Terrors in the makingTerrors in the making
Terrors in the making

These guys enjoyed being as cheeky as they could- from a distance, that is!
I'm sure I can reach.......I'm sure I can reach.......
I'm sure I can reach.......

It wasn't long before Dad came out and whisked her out of harm's way. She wasn't very happy about that!
Intense young manIntense young man
Intense young man

This young man followed us around for ages without saying a word or showing any expression at all. On our last day Ash decided to give him a spare cap she no longer needed, and he was proud as punch! Great to see a smile on his face!
Ash & FriendsAsh & Friends
Ash & Friends

Some of the numerous children we met at the local mosque.
and there's more.......and there's more.......
and there's more.......

So many kids everywhere!
Haruko & kidsHaruko & kids
Haruko & kids

It's Haruko's turn!
Checking out the new toyChecking out the new toy
Checking out the new toy

This little one was fascinated by a small toy that Ash gave him.

The boys thought the frisbee was fabulous!
Sue & the boysSue & the boys
Sue & the boys

They all wanted to line up to have a photo taken or to take one themself.
Tough guysTough guys
Tough guys

Oooh! Don't they look scary?! Especially the little guy on the far left!
Sue & the tough guysSue & the tough guys
Sue & the tough guys

They insisted I join them!
Girls turnGirls turn
Girls turn

Shy smiles from some of the girls.
....and again....and again
....and again

She finally overcame her shyness!
More girls....More girls....
More girls....

Girls only again!
and more boys......and more boys......
and more boys......

Who's idea was this?

23rd August 2007

Wonderful memories
What a great journey you are experiencing. Continued enjoyment in your unique travels. All is well and quiet here at TTC. Look forward to seeing you soon on campus, Hans
23rd August 2007

Treadie - those are great shots of the local kids. I always enjoy the real life experience when I travel. Off to Mexico Saturday morning... thanks for your rego :-) On On, ST
26th August 2007

Nice One
Hi Treadie - Very entertaining, trying to work out which of you or the kids were having the most fun!! On On Soggy P.S - Nice Jacket by the way - wish I had one!! LOL
22nd September 2007

Wow! great photos sue!
No doubt about you.... you're certainly adding multiple dimensions to your life!! Vicki x

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