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August 18th 2008
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Dunhuang, a small town of the Gansu province, basically in the middle of the desert, even the dimension of the Dunhuang, it was very important city, because it was the main city of the silk road, the exchange of the culture and the merchandise there was very intense. Dunhuang also is famous by the oasis and the Mogao cave.
The Mogao cave, one of the three main stone cave of China, this one is the most preserved one, there are lot of the doors for the caves, camera wasn't allowed inside the cave, and the visiting must be guided, inside the cave had a lot of Buddhist sculptures, drawings, books and articles, and there is the interesting one is the cave 465, it is about the Tibetan Buddhism and lot of tantric figures, but it wasn't opened for the visitation, we just knew the cave because the Roberta was with us and commented.
The Yueya oasis, it means oasis of crescent shape, but the oasis is disappearing, now they are using the artificial supply to keep the oasis alive, by the way, that was the first time I saw the desert, also for many of my friends there, rolling on the sand, watched the moon raising, we had fun as much we could.
About 180 km from Dunhuang to the northwestern, there is the Dunhuang National Yadan geologic park, they also called it the "Devil city", because the night there always has the noise of the winds, it is like devil's sound to the local people. Actually the place was carved by wind erosion, there is a fortress in the middle of the way to national park, that was the part of the old great wall, the another end of the great wall, in the middle of the desert.

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