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January 30th 2011
Published: May 16th 2011
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I’ve never before worried about the food I’ve eaten in China. Raw meat, dubious looking street food, insects, grubs and my fair share of rocket fuel (rice wine) have passed through my lips without even the hint of illness. My luck was bound to run out before I left China and it came as no surprise it did in a place I’ve spent more time in over the past few weeks than any other: a train stati... Read Full Entry

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16th May 2011

It amazed me how much you can learn from a stranger while in the middle of a shit.
Priceless! Thanks for the laugh.
16th May 2011

Rotten egg belches
Just for your info... Glad to hear that your guts appear to have recovered. However, rotten egg belches immediately suggest Giardia. This protozoan infection may come/go and - in my case - required meds to get rid of it for good.
17th May 2011

Hi Adrian- a beautifully penned account...had me giggling to the end. I too have travelled throughout rural China - I could visit again & again. My toileting has been of great interest to many chinese women - they seemed genuinely interested in my sqatting style -it wasn't unusual for them to call their relatives over for 2nd opinion & discussion. keep on blogging I enjoyed it! :-) denise
17th May 2011

I'm glad to see i'm not the only one with Chinese toilet stories...........the squatting is a lot easier than it looks! It seems travelling through China, no two days are the same......you can never get bored that's for sure.
17th May 2011

Thanks very much for your advice........Giardia isn't pleasant at all.........although a great answer for weight loss! :) Since the incident all has been well. I'll remember this for next time though.
26th May 2011

i was shocked and mortified when i entered a public toilet in china when i saw that the cubicles didnt have doors and i saw men shitting. I really had to pee but i hurried to get away asap after peeing. It was the weirdest thing. But your experience i totally did not expect! The cultural difference is just mind blowing
12th June 2011

I normally went in and out as quickly as possible too, but sometimes when you get caught short, you have no alternatives!
26th May 2012

Laugh? HaHa - I nearly wet myself!

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