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Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen February 18th 2018

For my last day in Xiamen, I decided to head to the botanical gardens. There area few entrances, and I decided to head to the main one, which meant I went back through the train tunnel that I'd had a look around the day before. From the tunnel, it was about further 10 minutes walk to the gardens. There were about a million people there. The queues for the ticket office were pretty long, but one seemed to be a lot shorter than the others so I joined that and got my ticket fairly quickly. I headed inside, the botanical gardens are massive and I decided to try and see as much as I can. I took a random path that didn't really lead to anywhere special, but there were some nice views of the city ... read more
Xiamen Botanical Garden
Xiamen Botanical Garden

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen February 17th 2018

After another breakfast outdoors, I was ready to head out and explore some more of Xiamen. I got sunburnt yesterday, so made sure that I had my sunscreen on. I had also decided to spend some of today indoors so that would help my sore skin. I had decided that I wanted to visit the Overseas Chinese Museum. I could have taken the bus to get there, but I decided to walk as it was only a few kilometres and I expected the traffic to be as horrific as it had been the previous day. The walk to the museum took about an hour or so. I enjoyed my walk along the beach following the same route as the day before. I also followed the road in the direction of the temple, but whereas I went ... read more
Overseas Chinese Museum
Overseas Chinese Museum
Overseas Chinese Museum

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen February 16th 2018

I left things rather late in planning for my Chinese New Year holiday. I had very limited options as my passport was at the immigration office, meaning that I could only travel by train. Since it was New Year, most of the trains were fully booked. I had a couple of option head north to Shandong province to visit a couple of places I really wanted to go to there, or head South to Xiamen and the warmer weather. My friends advised !e to head south and I'm glad I headed their advice. I had arrived in Xiamen the previous evening and was so happy that the weather wasn't cold. I woke up to an overcast but warm day and after enjoying breakfast al fresco in the hostel's courtyard, I set off to explore. My map ... read more
Hulishan Fortress

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen February 9th 2017

So! This is my first official blog. I've decided that living in China for a year and travelling may as well have benefits for others as well as myself. I have now lived in Xiamen for 5 months and have, without doubt, fallen in love with the place. It is a beautiful, unique part of China. Not only have I lived in Xiamen, but I have taken it upon myself to travel to as many areas of Xiamen, attractions, scenery etc. and areas around Xiamen as possible. With each blog post I will detail another one of my adventures, but for now I will simply give an idea of Xiamen's overall beauty and the top things to do here! Xiamen is a bit more rural than other parts of China. As of yet, it doesn't even ... read more

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen December 26th 2015

After a train trip from the nine twist river to Xiamen, a few nights been there, I reached Baishucun. It is fishing town that is about 30 minutes, by high speed train, northeast of Xiamen. Once I got off the train, passing the usual crowd of people, tuktuk, street vendors, cars and motorbikes, I took a bus heading toward Baishucun village along the coast; on either sides I could see so many fishing boats of the fishermen dragged on the shore. It is a cruddy village but what caught my eye and love of these places is the charming ambiance that I felt while admiring those old boats full of everything, hard to discern, and the people selling the fresh catch of the fishermen, with their unique smile that opens your heart. "My inscrutable Chinese people" ... read more
Lovely sunset in Baishucun

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen October 13th 2015

Geo: 24.45, 118.08Xiamen has a crazy street market that is filled with all kinds of sea life and other animals both dead and alive.The city is made up of islands, one of which, Gulangyu, is peaceful with a huge statue at the far end of the island, The Organ Museum, An Old Fort, and it has lots of scary and spooky houses.The island is completely of cars.We rode a local bus for 3 and a half hours, one way to Tulou to see the Round and Square houses. We met a lovely old man who was waiting under an old tree to have his photo taken with foreigners.We slept in a Square (round) House.Took a tour of the amazing Round Houses and I must admit that I did say, "They are so round." The next day ... read more
Oranges - Xiamen Market.
Heavy - Xiamen Market.
Pig head - Xiamen Market.

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen » Gulangyu April 8th 2015

It was a cool and wet day when we arrived at the Port of Xiamen, China yesterday. We opted to relax on ship until going to an evening performance at a local theater, Magic Min’ nan. It didn’t disappoint in uniqueness and variety. Thoroughly enjoyed the show but the real fun was after it ended. The Chinese tourists also attending wanted to take pictures of and with us. We stayed overnight in this very modern and good sized port town and in the morning left for our bike ride along the coast, followed by a Tai Chi performance/lesson and a tea tasting. Our last stop at a shopping area ,where again, the entertainment was in the Chinese people’s fascination with us. A young woman asked if she could take a picture of her baby in the ... read more
A beautiful coastal ride
Taking a breather.
Tai Chi Lesson

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen March 18th 2015

Xiamen is the gateway of China. If you are in Taiwan island you can ride the Boat ship to Xiamen island directly . Ximen is the Miami of china every corner is sea and beach. This island have the most beutiful University in China , Xiamen University, and Don't miss to visit Gulangyu island or the piano island this is the ultimate attractions in Xiamen. This island is non-vehicle using on the island. you can see the classical architecture and The piano museum. in the night you can walk on walking street Zhongshan Road for shopping. ... read more

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen March 13th 2015

Geo: 24.45, 118.08Today we as per usual, got up and pampered ourselves then headed to get breakfast once again, catching up with people we've met along the way. Quite a few people were going on the same tour as ours so there was lots of buses heading out. Today we are doing The Essence of Xiamem, which takes us to a temple, a beach Buddah ( and I don't mean us on the beach!!) then to a pedestrian shopping mall. Our first stop was at the Temple and the first thing we had to do was to actually cross the road, well that was fun!!! We managed to not be run down by pushbikes, motorbikes, cars, taxis, buses and trucks!! And I forgot all the pedestrians that just barge through anyway!Once we got to the Temple ... read more
Xiamem Port with our ship in window
Mariners of the Seas at Xiamem Port
Coamen Port selfie

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen February 7th 2015

Geo: 24.45, 118.08Compared to some of the other travellers we actually could just about understand Katie our guide in Xiamen- pronounced Shiamen. However she told us that this was one of the most beautiful cities in China , which makes us worry about the rest of the country. She was born in Xiamen so hopefully she hasn't travelled a lot and believes what she has been told. First we went to the Nanputuo Temple, which of course she said was the most beautiful temple in China. I have seen better Chinese temples in Thailand so we shall wait and see. It was an old temple dating back to the Tang Dynasty and did have some very attractive roofs and woodwork. A huge laughing Buddha was flanked by four very colourful warriors. We strolled through the gardens ... read more
Nanputuo temple gardens
Tea tasting

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