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August 19th 2006
Published: August 20th 2006
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Friday was a day where everything went wrong. I started out the day by locking myself out of my apartment.
The doors automatically lock when you shut them so it wasn't hard to do, in my defense. Then we went over to Liaoning University to turn in our passports and I learned that we have to go through a physical Tuesday and....take a blood test.
This is hard to admit, but I seem to have a problem with needles. Right after I was told about the blood test I got hot, shaky, and very nauseous. I felt a little sicker as the night went on. However, I joined my friends for a ride downtown to the nearest 'bushengke' (Pizza Hut). Downtown was glorious! It was as big or bigger than Chicago. We found the Pizza Hut and it wasn't anything like a typical Pizza Hut in West Plains. We had to wait in line, where we were seated and given a menu. The restaurant was very ritzy. It had a bathroom with a western toilet, toilet paper, and soap! One alone is lucky to find in China.
Eager to explore more, we decided to shoot for the top of this skyscraper

Locked out of my apartment....
that seemed to have a revolving restaurant.
We took the elevator 36 floors to the top, accidentally stopping at one floor where the height was strangely short. At the 36th floor, we walked into a Russian karaoke club. We had some fun looking at the spectacular view and singing and dancing along with Russian karaoke. We went back down and took another look around the spectacular downtown.
It is sad how much poverty there is in China. There are so many blankets or tables laid out with handicrafts or, I hate to say it, junk, that I wonder how these people survive.
I am very lucky to not have to beg people to buy things from me. That's a hard life.

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The roof was an odd "Alice in Wonderland" short.

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