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Asia » China » Beijing May 30th 2002

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China May 29th 2002

The Great Wall, and Tombs of Ming Dynasty... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China April 24th 2001

Just a few pics - most of them haven't been scanned in yet....mainly because there are hundreds of them and I wouldneed two extra lifetimes...... read more
Great Wall of China
Tiananmen Square
Temple of Heaven

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district December 27th 2000

I've unfortunately had to come back to this blog retrospectively, so I will do the best to recant what we did. This is also before the time of my digital camera and so photos have to be scanned, I will do my best to make this happen. As the title vaguely alludes, this blog will focus on Jennifer's visit in December of 2000 and January of 2001 to China when I was living in Beijing since September 2000, studying Mandarin at UIBE in Chaoyang District (among other things). This is the only time I was in Beijing that was not covered by the hundreds of pages I wrote in my paper journals during the six months that I was there, so I'd like to do my best to tell the story of a time that might ... read more
Imperialist American
Wan Li Chang Cheng

Asia » China » Beijing December 7th 2000

I am writing this blog 6 years after my trip to China and so my memories are a bit dodgy. Also the photos are quite blurry as they have been scanned in from old prints (which were already quite fuzzy). More than anything I am just trying to make sure I make my travelblog map of places I have visited as red as possible! Anyway... During 2000-01 my brother spent a year teaching English in China and as we couldn't handle the thought of not seeing him for a whole year, me, my Mum and Dad decided to go over to Beijing for a week long trip just before Christmas. I really enjoyed the visit, seeing so much in such a short space of time. We were on an organised tour - great if you want ... read more
At the summer palace
Me sitting on the Wall
Dad with bin

Asia » China » Beijing April 4th 1999

It was April 1999 that I found myself alone at the ripe age of 20 years old on a plane bound for the orient . Beijing to be precise. What had I gotten myself into? Here I was, flying high above the vast Siberian wasteland headed toward the most populous country on Earth, not to mention the fact that it was also the largest communist nation and second only to my home country of the United States in terms of power and influence. Did I mention that I did not speak a word of Chinese apart from the ubiquitous Ni Hao, the Chinese hello. I am not even that fond of Chinese food so why was I going there? I think it all started with an article that I read in National Geographic’s Traveler magazine sometime ... read more
Forbidden City
Chinese Guardian
I made it!!!!

Asia » China » Beijing September 17th 1997

Hey everyone, How's it going? We are now in Beijing, having crossed by train into China about 4 days ago. It was pretty neat, we took local trains (as opposed to one international train that most travellers take) and so got to stop in a couple towns that probably have never seen tourists before. Got to learn to count to ten (in Chinese, we know how to count to ten in English, we're math majors) in some restaurant with the whole family helping out. Gave them a Canadian flag pin for that... So today we just got back from the Great Wall. We camped there over night, at Simitai (about 3 hours from Beijing). It was way cool, first we had to climb up the wall, it's in a non-touristy condition, so quite dangerous in parts ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China January 11th 1980

I visited Great Wall of China in January 1979. It was so cold and strong wind over the wall. I met the army soldier almost the same age as I was. They are so nice and handsome guys. I asked them whether I could take photos of them. They give me the special words permission for the photos taken. So nice day that day.... read more

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