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Asia » China » Beijing May 28th 2004

Tour kami berakhir di Kota Beijing, terletak di sebelah utara bagian China. Kami juga sempat menelusuri Tembok Besar Cina yang tersohor, di luaran kota. Our trip ending up in Beijing, located north of China. We also had an opportunity to cruise the famous Great Wall of China, in outskirt of Beijing.... read more
Bersama Pak Polisi / With Mr. Policeman
Foto bersama group / Tour group
Opera China / Chinese opera

Asia » China » Beijing May 7th 2004

Finally I went back to Bejing in the Summer of 2004, after I graduated from university. Beijing is one of the most ancient cities in the world and it is my hometown in which I grew up until age of 15. I love the city for its magnificent historical sites, including the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Great Wall. Around the historical sites, the entire city was revamped and modernized. From the top of "Wang Shou" hill, the city skyline is shaped with high-rises, building after building. Another great part of Beijing is its culinary diversity. You can find all kinds of food there: Szhechuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Beijing duck and so on. There is an endless list of restaurants to try out. The food is delicious and inexpensive. Another trait of Beijing ... read more
Look at the variety of food
Inside Qinghua university
The path to the Temple

Asia » China » Beijing April 25th 2004

Departure Three or four colours paint a wet morning aboard the commuter train, dark green for lush mountains, dark blue for shadows that hang beneath grey clouds and shiny brown slippery clay roof tiles. The rain has let up after nearly two days. In a sky more often ablaze and unnoticed, inexhaustible clouds, graceful, frenzied, fly onward. The streets, cars, bridges, buildings, all is clean and waking to a soft grey morning as though cement could bloom like an hydrangea. We are now travelling at 285 km/h, a steel serpent slipping through the mountains. Salary men seemingly dressed as always for their own funeral, dark suit, white shirt, ordinary, inoffensive ties read the papers. Th landscape takes on a childish appearance. The houses are made of matchboxes, the trees made of moss, telephone poles and ... read more
one country - two systems
scaffolding, Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China January 28th 2004

I’d been staying with a friend in Beijing. He was teaching English there and had a flat just out of the city center. One night before we all went out for dinner. After the meal I wasn’t feeling too great and decided to head back to his. It was only about 9pm, so he put me in a taxi and told the driver his address. But when the taxi got there the fare was about three times the amount that it had been when it took us out in the first place and I realised he was taking the piss in a big way. So I tried to contest the price with the help of my trusty phrasebook. It wasn’t going well and it turned into a bit of an argument. At this point a man ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 20th 2003

We finally arrived after three days of traveling. We almost thought we wouldn't make it because of the hurricane on the east coast so we left for San Francisco a day early. The plane ride was long and I had the displeasure of sitting behind a women who decided to sing opera throughout the flight. Who does that? Once we arrived we found out that we would be stuck with her for the next 14 days because she was part of our tour. Luckily everyone else seems very nice. They are a bit older than the people that I'd normally choose as travelling companions but there are a few that I think will be fun to hang out with. Today we saw Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. They were setting up for National Day (October ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China January 11th 2003

As I sit on my tatami floor, in my room warmed by the kerosene heater beside me, I shake off the cold and remember my latest escapades, this time in China, the most populous country on Earth. I got a cold virus towards the end of my journey in the Middle Kingdom, and was more than a little anxious to return to the land of verdant rice fields and endless mountains. Still, I look back with fondness on my recent adventures, this time shared with my family. Yep, the whole gang (mom, dad, bro and sis) made the trip to the Orient to see me and check out the views. China is a very big country, and we wanted to see as much of it as we could. To that end, we set out on a ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China January 8th 2003

Just attempting to add some past photos.... will write more of a story someday.... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 7th 2002

The sliding electric doors parted as I approached. Before me unfolded the arrivals lobby of the airport. The usual crowd filled the room: taxi drivers soliciting rides for exorbitant prices, elegant ladies sitting alone avoiding eye-contact, Western travelers plotting the next move. Yet four distinct groups of mainly men formed around four wide-screen television posts. All were absorbed in a football match. China was playing in its first-ever World Cup tournament against Costa Rica and the nationalist pride of the Chinese was on display. The television poked its screen out above the head level of the Chinese men, who were all about the same height. Eyes glued to the white controversial football, they stood straight with their arms crossed, head pivoting back and forth as the ball volleyed across the screen. A sudden rumeur spread ... read more
Bicycles and dancers
cheese for Mao
a quick dance

Asia » China » Beijing » Tian'anmen June 6th 2002

flag raising ceremony... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 5th 2002

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