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Asia » China » Beijing June 17th 2005

Hello, no great tales to tell, nor huge observations to render. However, for those of you who might wonder where i've gone, the update. i am currently in a smallish city, which is famous for something historical and touristy. but i am here as a starting point to another famous and touristy area famous as a temple mountain, with Chinese, Mongolian, and a couple of Tibetan temples. Last year whilst travelling i met a Tibetan monk and his group **just over halfway down the page: "Tudaynyahmah". I had absolutely no knowledge of Tibet, its culture, tradition, current status. They sang for me, presented me with the offering of a white silk prayer scarf, and actually videod me with their video camera. Before going on to Tibetan areas, I would like to see them and say ... read more
the artist

Asia » China » Beijing June 16th 2005

It's been almost 2 weeks since we updated this blog. Needless to say, we've been busy! My old friend Kevin Beveridge met us at the Hong Kong airport and took us to his place. The next day he took a day off work and toured us around, showing us how to navigate Hong Kong by train, subway, ferry and taxi. Kevin and Patty and their two children live in the New Territories as they are called, basically suburban Hong Kong, so it means a minimum of a taxi and train ride to get anywhere. He took us to the Kowloon walled city which until a few decades ago was a lawless little section of the city that non-Chinese did not dare enter. It was razed, other than the wall around it, and made into a large ... read more
Dragon Boat Races
Largo Square in Macao
Three Tigers

Asia » China » Beijing June 12th 2005

Geo: 39.9082, 116.398Beijing is fantastic and developing by the day. Everything is very fast moving in this up and coming capital, it's difficult to keep up. We were there when it was chosen to host the Olympics and witnessed the grass being painted green! The sights here are so famous that they're hard to take in. Tiananmen Square is colosal and extremely powerful when you imagine the events that passed there. The Forbidden City is breathtaking, though does become rather repetitive. The area surrounding Beihai Park is one of my favourites, with wonderful little hutongs that you can experience from the back of a ricksaw. Sanlitun is the heart of Beijing's nightlife and I've had many an enjoyable evening out and about, especially when I was able to see 'Jay' (gorgeous chinese pop singer) perform in ... read more
Beijing Hutong
Beijing Opera
Chinese Williams Family

Asia » China » Beijing June 12th 2005

Geo: 39.9082, 116.398China's most remarkable sight. Expectations are high for The Great Wall but it never fails to impress and exceed all expectations. It cannot be appreciated until you've seen it. Even without the wall the scenery is amazing because you're up so high in the mountains. It's very hard work walking the wall, at high altitudes, with extremely steep steps and big big drops! Not for the faint hearted! I've visited the wall on numerous occasions and at many different locations. It's all incredible but Simitai is by far the best. The wall here is at it's most dramatic. It's fairly hazardous walking up it and I always end up probably owing my life to the little old village ladies who literally pull me up! After that, you can't really refuse to buy their 5 ... read more
Climbing Simitai
Huanghua Great Wall
On top of the world!

Asia » China » Beijing June 11th 2005

Hello all...sorry it takes me so long but I really do not do much during the week but work work and more work. On Friday I got to talk to mom and was great. Then that night I went to the Opera. It was very different from what we see in the states but I loved it...I think I might go back again before I leave. I didn't bring my camera but a guy in the group did so as soon as I can I will get pictures up! Today I went all over here is the list 1) Confucius Temple 2) Imperial College 3) Drum tower 4) Bell tower 5)White Cloud Temple It was a packed day as you can see. I really love everything I see (except parents letting their kids go ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 5th 2005

Work went better the last day (thurs) and I had Fri off so I went out with Jenn to the Lama Temple on Friday and then we had dinner in this great little area, we had was good. We went out Sat night to a club called Vics, and a good time was had by all. It was Whitneys (a girl in our group) birthday I did think this was have to be a size 0-2 here to be "pretty" so that is crazy. It was funny though I found out that people here do not really have tattoos so people,men and women, (everytime I went to the bar) would trace the butterfly that I have on my upper back. It was funny. Today is my chill day. I am going to rest and ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 3rd 2005

As my first introduction to mainland China, Beijing was not what I expected. The city is large, vibrant and quite modern. The people are incredibly friendly and happy and the entire city is excited about the upcoming 2008 Olympics. Our flight from Hong Kong landed at night so our first job was dinner (as Joe is always hungry). Our guide Josh (an energetic 26 year old whose english is ok) took us to a strip of popular eateries and bars alongside a manmade lake. Among other delectibles, we partook of Mutton on a stick which was cooked by a lady on the roadside. As the first photo shows, once again the people are very interested in meeting westerners. Our first activity was to visit the great wall. But, as we are on a tour, we periodically ... read more
Jade worker
Great Wall
me at the great wall

Asia » China » Beijing June 2nd 2005

Hello all...well work was soooooooo much better I now have a plan. For the next 3 weeks I am in sales and then 2 weeks in sourcing and customer service and then the last week with the main guy helping him with his channels of comm. I am sooooooo excited. I rode the metro for the first time by myself...I ended up on the wrong side of the road but it was all good. I followed the locals, crossing the rode here is like having a death wish. It puts NYC traffic to shame! Today I am off to the silk market and Llama Temple and then off to dinner at Lotus Lane. I am having a blast...thanks everyone for your comments! Nik PS. Tricia you did do it right....and I am sooooooo happy you were ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 1st 2005

Hello all so I decided to go ahead and write for all those people who are checking this out. Life here is soooooo crazy. Work is boring all I do is sit at a desk all day researching people who might want to use our metal. I have a meeting with them in the morning to see what in the world they want me to do...remember this is DAY 3 of the internship. Anyway I have seen some super cool sights like The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square....I am having trouble with my laptop but I hope to have pics up soon!!! The dorm is has AC and a REAL TOILET (I never thought that could make me sooooooo happy) I have also made some friends...there is a Hokie here (a girl from VT) so ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 1st 2005

There is one certain prediction that can be made about the 2008 Olympics in Beijing - it will be a bad one for ducks. Roast duck is still the main speciality here and duck restaurants abound. Whole ducks, bagged for takeaway, are sold at almost any kind of outlet as if they were merely cigarettes, phonecards or lottery tickets. Some might feel it fitting if Glen Hoddle, the once manager of England's football team who parted their company after some injudicious remarks as to the behaviour of the disabled in previous lives, should be reincarnated as a Beijing Duck. Others might feel Robert Kilroy-Silk a more worthy candidate. Arriving in Beijing after travelling more than 5000km by train across Asia is a bit like spending several days climbing a mountain only to find there is a ... read more
The Forbidden City
Blind musician
From Simatai East to Jinshanling

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