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June 18th 2011
Published: June 24th 2011
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Beijing So here i was, all Shaolin-ed out and ready to move on to another country, so i thought i'd stop over a northern city of the country where apparently they know how to build walls and stuff... Beijing is all you read in the guide books and more. A busy city like a capital should be, with a rich heritage right in the centre. After mopping over the fact i will not break any more bricks ... Read Full Entry

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Imperial ThronesImperial Thrones
Imperial Thrones

Entombed with the emperor

"i woke up this morning...and my sun was gone....put on some music to start my day..."
The Great WallThe Great Wall
The Great Wall

What a view...seriously
More wallMore wall
More wall

Mirium and me on the wall
More wallMore wall
More wall

A greek on the wall!!!!
Chinese cannon pointing toward MongoliaChinese cannon pointing toward Mongolia
Chinese cannon pointing toward Mongolia

That way....Mongolians lie...
Silk productionSilk production
Silk production

Starts off this small
Silk productionSilk production
Silk production

...ends up THIS big...yup i tried to do it too....not AS well as those girls did...phhff

24th June 2011

" I'll leave the last one to the reader's imagination... "....LOL....the reader being myself...hmmmm spot-on comment. Only my imagination didn't have to work too hard...Only the other day we watched the new Karate Kid set in Beijing and actually did see some of those "exotic foods" on the market stalls....:S Everything else you describe gives a very deamy picture though....:)

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