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September 30th 2010
Published: September 30th 2010
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Hi all. Yes, still in Beijing with the plan being to leave yesterday. You see, there is this thing called National Holiday that starts October 1 for one week. Sure, I heard it could be busy but never thinking in the magnitude of this. Apparently everyone in China travels during the holiday, again, never thinking in this magnitude. In a country of 1.4 billion, even if only 10% travel, that's 140 million people doing essentially what I am. I tried to book my train ticket out four days prior to the date I needed, thinking four days is plenty, WRONG! So I'm here in Beijing until October 3rd which was the first empty seat on the train. Not a huge deal since I do have the time but I might not have tried to cram everything in during the first few days. It is a fun city and of all places to be in for an additional five days, this is a good one.

So enough of that, on to what I've seen since I last posted. I went to the Summer Palace, where the royal elite went to escape the heat of summer in the Forbidden City. It is huge with a gigantic lake in the centre. Very pretty, and left little doubt why it was built. The funny thing is the empress who oversaw the building of it used money meant for the royal navy, quite the scandal, but when you're the empress, you can do whatever you want!

I've also been to the Lama temple, the most renowned Tibetan Buddhist temple outside of Tibet. I was able to sit in and listen while the monks chanted and prayed. Indescribable, really, just a moving experience.

I've also been to the Confucius Temple and Imperial college. And spent yesterday at the Temple of Heaven Park. A wondrous place, again, HUGE in acreage, with temples of prayer for good harvests just outside of the Forbidden City. Everything is so well preserved. Sure, some may have been restored or rebulit but it amazes me that throughout so many years, it still stands. Throughout wars, fires, internal rebellion, invasions, all of it, many structures still stand as they did back in time. Amazing! Pics to follow...

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A creature that had ability to punish evil and banish the wicked. It has a dragon head, lion tail, ox hooves, deer antlers and scales all over the body.
Marble boat at Summer PalaceMarble boat at Summer Palace
Marble boat at Summer Palace

The empress' only "naval" addition...
Whatever he was selling, I had to have it!Whatever he was selling, I had to have it!
Whatever he was selling, I had to have it!

He was writing whatever you wanted in Chinese. He looked like he was 112 years old and just the funniest man. I got one that says 'Peace, joy and happiness' - loved him!
Temple of Heaven ParkTemple of Heaven Park
Temple of Heaven Park

A view of the round altar. Everything within this altar correlates to the number nine, either nine or a multiple of nine. Nine symbolizes heaven.
Temple of Heaven ParkTemple of Heaven Park
Temple of Heaven Park

A view of the the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

30th September 2010

Still in Calgary
Hi Cheryl - I missed your first post but have read the two of them now. Every so often I will think of you and wonder where you are. In hindsight, I thought you were where you are...Summer has returned here -> 26 and sunny TG. Went hiking this past weekend in the fall foliage which was beautiful. Debbie K called me today from TO. She is doing well and will come back on Saturday for a short visit. Miss you on the bus... XO R
30th September 2010

cheryl - so nice to "hear" from you and to se the pics - i really love the marble boat!
30th September 2010

Hello Cheryl, crazy to hear about that amount of people travelling. You know it is funny here in the west we supersize our food out there the sure supersize their people. Not in the actual size. Just the mass quantities. Your images are great. The temples remind me a bit of Nepal. Very cool. Enjoy your first month, I am writting you from my friend dianes place on Canmore. Right now it is Wednesday night and on Saturday, well you know, Dave and I tie the knot. The forcast is saying 20 degrees and sunshine. Could you believe it!? After all that rain we get this beautiful weekend. Can you tell I am really excited! And we will be arriving in bankok on Tuesday night and Phuket bound the next morning. Anyways enough about me. Good luck finding more things to see and do in Beijing. I am sure it will awesome. I look forward to hearing where you are next. Cheers girl!
30th September 2010

Cheryl this looks amazing. Again so proud of your for taking life by the horns. Keep the notes coming! thank you
1st October 2010

Glad you are having fun
I am glad that you are having fun and seeing a lot of neat things. You have the time to do all things that you want to see. Just keep you head up and everything will be fine. Pictures are really good , the weather looks great not like here at home. Miiki say hi to you and have a great holiday. Thake care Shirley

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