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April 1st 2010
Published: April 2nd 2010
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Day 2 in China.

Go to Great Wall of China (such a small sentence for such a big part of China's history);
Visit Jade Factory Workshop;
Have another enormous meal;
Tour Olympic Park;
Try 4 different kinds of Chinese tea;
Skip Dinner because still full from lunch;
Sit in gargantuan traffic jam;
Sing Karaoke;
Mime way through ordering at Pizza Hut because now you are hungry and it's 10pm

Additional photos below
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The Great WallThe Great Wall
The Great Wall

6700 kilometers (4100 miles); built in the 7th Century BC
Juyongguan Section of Great WallJuyongguan Section of Great Wall
Juyongguan Section of Great Wall

we tackled a chunk of this 20km (12 mile) pass
Getting HigherGetting Higher
Getting Higher

1590 steps to the top -- just ask Will, Jake and Helen who counted them the whole way up!
Made it!!Made it!!
Made it!!

Top (7th) watchtower of this section of the Wall -- it took about an hour to make it. Helen was the first to reach the top!
Jade ArtisanJade Artisan
Jade Artisan

In ancient times, only royalty were allowed to own jade
Hot Pot LunchHot Pot Lunch
Hot Pot Lunch

Boiling Broth sits at each seat -- everyone adds the ingredients they choose -- "Should it be tofu or goat today??"
Tea ServiceTea Service
Tea Service

Jasmine; Oolong; Wild Puer; Litchi
Karaoke at KTVKaraoke at KTV
Karaoke at KTV

David's Birthday request
Kids JamKids Jam
Kids Jam

"Boom Boom Boom"
Seniors JamSeniors Jam
Seniors Jam

"Top of the World" Carpenters
Women JamWomen Jam
Women Jam

not memorably however -- because no one can recall the song!!
Travel Buffs JamTravel Buffs Jam
Travel Buffs Jam

"I got you babe"
Men JamMen Jam
Men Jam

"Take my breath away..." Top Gun
Pizza HutPizza Hut
Pizza Hut

taste of home

3rd April 2010

love your info
my family (3 sons and my husband and I ) are flying to Beijing in May. Do not know where to begin. Love your postings so far. Arebyou using a tour company? Where are you all from? I am from Canada? I will keep watching your blog for a preview of our upcoming trip. Travel well.
3rd April 2010

nice pics
nice pics !! how i wanna go to beijing!!!

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