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May 22nd 2009
Published: June 11th 2009
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Once upon a time, there were 3 ladies in their early 20's who shared an apartment near the bank where they all worked. They lived together, worked together, dined together, shopped together, partied together, played sports together, even dated together. At the time, only 1 had a boyfriend. But every Valentine's Day and other significant occasion meant this boyfriend dating out her girl and her 2 ... Read Full Entry

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May's Daughter Melisa and MeMay's Daughter Melisa and Me
May's Daughter Melisa and Me

Back in 1986 when Melisa was only 3.
Melisa and Me in 2007Melisa and Me in 2007
Melisa and Me in 2007

By this time, Melisa has graduated (Magna Cum Laude no less) from UC Berkeley. Taken by the same fireplace. Love u, Melisa!
Meeting at the Hotel LobbyMeeting at the Hotel Lobby
Meeting at the Hotel Lobby

We were talking to each other over our mobile phones right until we met at the hotel lobby!
Back in Lake Tahoe (1994)Back in Lake Tahoe (1994)
Back in Lake Tahoe (1994)

15 years ago, some 10 kilos lighter
Take the boat or walk?Take the boat or walk?
Take the boat or walk?

We have yet to figure out who decided among us to walk this stretch rather than take the boat to cross the lake!
Just MarriedJust Married
Just Married

We took a shot of this handsome couple. No, they were not models, they really just got married!
Choose Your PerspectiveChoose Your Perspective
Choose Your Perspective

Each octagonal "window" is gilded with varied handpainted designs, thus giving the viewer a different perspective of the same lakeside vista!
Summer PalaceSummer Palace
Summer Palace

This extravagance is now drawing many tourists!
The Entire Contingent in Summer PalaceThe Entire Contingent in Summer Palace
The Entire Contingent in Summer Palace

Mon, May, Boy, Eve, Paolo and Liliram!
Summer Heat , Summer PalaceSummer Heat , Summer Palace
Summer Heat , Summer Palace

we were drenched in sweat by this time.........
Check Out the Umbrellas!Check Out the Umbrellas!
Check Out the Umbrellas!

Must be an Asian thing? In the west, one hardly sees umbrellas even in the height of summer.
Fire Station?Fire Station?
Fire Station?

This collects rain water for emergency use in case of fire. During winter, the vessel has firewood under it to keep the ice in liquid form!
Paolo then, with Mamu, Tricia and MartinPaolo then, with Mamu, Tricia and Martin
Paolo then, with Mamu, Tricia and Martin

McDonald's Kiddie Crew......
With Melisa 1989With Melisa 1989
With Melisa 1989

May and Mon's eldest child, when I visited them back in 1989.
With Raffy 1989With Raffy 1989
With Raffy 1989

Mon and May's youngest child, when I visited them in SFO back in 1989.
Boy and Eve's WeddingBoy and Eve's Wedding
Boy and Eve's Wedding

Late Bloomers...........These 2 take the plunge - as they say, it is never too late!

24th June 2009

Olympic Proportions!
Wow, I can't believe you saw the water cube and the bird's next up close and personal. How fantastic! During the entire 2008 games, I was glued to the TV and loved every pan of the camera across the Olympic park. I am a big fan of all kinds of architecture. Your photo of the Long Corridor above is striking! The juxtaposition of the line of trees to that of the columns with the sun cascading through is breathtaking! Great job. Keep these adventures coming!

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