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January 16th 2008
Published: January 16th 2008
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Beijing, China's capital, beats with the unrelenting pulse of 15.2 million hearts; the mad dash to modernity; the immense pull of tradition. Beijing: where skyscrapers and coal-belching chimneys jostle for sky space; where one day's worth of breathing is equivalent to chain-smoking 70 cigarettes; where planes get delayed because the smog reduces visibility to near zero. Beijing: where Olympic-driv... Read Full Entry

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Lotus pondLotus pond
Lotus pond

Summer Palace
Summer Palace Summer Palace
Summer Palace

Display hall
Suzhou streetSuzhou street
Suzhou street

Summer Palace
Decorative roofsDecorative roofs
Decorative roofs

Summer Palace
Bird in shadeBird in shade
Bird in shade

Summer Palace

17th January 2008

The Answer!
By-the-way ... when you cross a crepe with a wrap you get a CRAP. Did you guys actually EAT it? :-))
21st January 2008

China, unforgetable!
Hey you too! I really enjoyed our visit to China, the pictures were very clean and clear. You are now officially RM and GRM. I loved the excitment and I am sure that both of you had Daryl's heart in his hand wondering where you were some days. He lives in China but you saw China. Love Mom.

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