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August 30th 2005
Published: September 24th 2005
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Today is "get things out to pack" day as tomorrow we head for New York City where we will start our journey to China on the following day.

Our trip takes us, via Tokyo, to Beijing, China, where we will meet our tour group for two weeks of an exciting adventure. This will be the first trip in which we have taken along a laptop computer that hopefully will enable me to keep a record of our travels with photos to be added after we return home.

After 3 days in Beijing we will be on our way to Xi'an to see the terra cotta warriors exhibition. Then on to Chengdu where we overnite in preparation for an early morning flight to Lhasa, Tibet, the "Roof of the World." After 3 nights in Lhasa we fly to Chonqing and are taken directly to our river boat, the Viking Century Sky, for a cruise through the Three Gorges and a visit to the newly constructed dam. Following that visit we fly to Shanghai where we will spend several nights. We will say goodbye to our group there and spend a few extra days seeing this exciting city before returning, via Tokyo, to New York and then home.

It will be interesting to me to see how I do with my first experience in "blogging!" It sounds like such an easy way to accummulate one's thoughts and memories but I am sure that it will not be that simple when all is said and done.

The next entry will be in several days from Beijing, depending upon the availability of an Internet connection.


25th September 2005

Great review
Thomas-- Your review is fabulous! So well written, and just enough details. Perhaps you've missed your calling in life! Shirley B Cruises...and more
26th September 2005

Thanks for posting this!
I've only had a chance to read bits and pieces so far but am really enjoying your trip blog. So glad to hear you went to Tibet. As you say, it's a place you'll always remember.
30th September 2005

Excellent Prologue
Your introduction plus the map whetted my appetite to read on. I'm impressed with the distances you covered in China.

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