A night out with Han

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August 8th 2005
Published: January 4th 2007
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I popped up around 8am despite wanting to sleep in much longer. Sarah also woke up shortly after when her French family called. She was laughing and smiling in a way that was so free and infectious. It made me fel a bit bad that she wasn’t like that with me (anymore) and I resolved that it was a good thing this fling was ending shortly because she would drive me loony. When she got off the plane we chatted briefly and I gave her a long kiss before heading out. I felt proud that when she asked me to take my passport (just in case), I had already packed it. She closed the door with a whisper of goodbye and then popped it open one last time to say bye again. At the time I figured it was the last time I’d see her in my life.

I walked back to my hotel and was dismayed that my café serving tofu soup had moved on to their lunch menu already. So I skipped it and returned to my room where a father-son combo from England named David and Mike had moved in. I washed up and made my way to Bookworm. I sat awhile and ate a delicious pizza as I chatted to a German couple about working in consulting. Later on I moved inside and began simultaneously reading 1421, Shanghai, The Emperor’s Bones, and a book of Dillon Thomas’s poems. Sarah had renewed my interest in poetry and I was hungry for more culture again. Even if its not my forte in life.

After a bit of reading I went to the bike shop and took out a purple one. I pedaled to the Russian area’s “Alien Street” market where I browsed more fake stuff. Then I moved on to some small back streets where I found a little street vendor selling boiled eggs. I wolfed down five of them as I gestured with the 2 young teenagers working there who had sat down next to me. I followed this up with some dumplings and then found my way to another shopping street near the Pearl market. I chose to not buy anything and continue on to the Temple of Heaven where I walked around while throwing down edamame.

It was getting dark by the time I found my way out the right exit and started pedaling back. I promised Han, the 21 yr old girl I met eating lunch next to Ya Show market that I’d meet her at 8:15pm so I was racing as fast as I could. Finally I made it 10 minutes late and we went to my place so I could shower. On the way out I ran into Laurent who had been screwing some local girls all day. We cabbed to Party World and sang expensive karaoke for an hour before returning back to Bar Bus. The LI Iced Tea’s there were super strong and Han got absolutely hammered off only a few sips. We left to meet Vincent in front of Vic’s and somehow I offended Han by saying she could drink the tap water in the club. She had interpreted it as me saying that she was just a poor low-class girl that should drink from the toilet. It took me awhile to settle down her crying and explain that she had misunderstood me. Finally we entered the club and got our dance groove on. I don’t think Han had never danced before so I asked Vincent to give her some lessons and she found her rhythm quickly. A bit later she passed out on a couch and disappeared while Vincent and I continued dancing with various groups of girls. Then we moved to Mix where we chatted with a girl wearing a Micky Mouse shirt for a while. Later we found some Russian girls and I danced with one that rammed her butt into my crotch repeatedly in a way that it was unavoidable not to get aroused. Thinking that perhaps this girl was a hooker I decided I’d had enough and I took off.


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