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December 17th 2011
Published: April 14th 2012
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When I was at home, my husband and I watched a documentary on Walmart. Part of the documentary was how Walmart launched in China. We were intrigued to see how see for ourselves what this store was like and if it was well received.

Just outside the city centre; in the district of Xuanwu there are few huge shopping complexes. This area is more geared for locals, so be prepared if you go there… no English here.

If you take the subway you can either come off at Cashi Kou or Xuanwu Men station. Beijing subways are easy to use and very clean and efficient. The subways have big clear signs that point you the major attractions. If you get off at Xuanwu Men station you will see a big sign called Walmart Superstore. Take that exit and keep walking south down Xuanwu Wai Daije. The walk is pretty far, you will pass Sogo and few other shops until you get to the Walmart. We almost through we passed it, until we stopped and asked someone who said, it’s right here 😉

Once inside, the Walmart looked just like any other until you go deeper into the shop. In the back is a whole section of candy. Candy is in huge bins where you can pick what you want. Obviously the merchandise is a bit different based on the local demand.

There second floor was really why we came. The whole floor is dedicated to food! Aquariums of fish and seafood which you can take out of the tank and take home fresh. Living in Toronto this wasn’t any thing new, but seeing it in Walmart was. The rest of the floor had a whole section of dried meats and sausage, bakery, vegetables, and packaged food. There is also a whole section that does prepared foods as well. As you exit out of the Walmart there is a small store that sells clothes and also ice cream. If you go up the escalator you will also see some other shops and a KFC. The top floor has a huge food court but none of the items were in English so we couldn’t tell what they were.

From Walmart we headed back towards the subway and made a stop at Sogo. This is a higher end Japanese department store. At the top level of the Sogo is a massive food hall. There are dozens and dozens of food shops in here selling a wide range of all kinds of food, from Chinese to Thai to Japanese. It’s a great place to stop and take a rest.

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