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Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District June 24th 2018

Looking forward to our trip, with Lyn and Steve Weber and Mark Oberegger, Mark has not been to Beijing so planned to have a couple of days there, we were only going to have three days in Beijing and catch the Trans Siberian Train taking 24 hours, but this was not to be! Booked the train with a company in Beijing and they notified us that because the World Cup is in Moscow we were not guaranteed seats until three days before departure......because people going all the way to Moscow would get priority and we would be bumped hence the extra day in Beijing and are now flying up to Ulaanbaatar. Hot and humid here in Beijing, flight delayed by one hour and a half, so ended up getting to hotel around 2am Melbourne time ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District July 16th 2017

Première impression : il fait TRÈS chaud !!! Deuxième impression : c'est TRÈS grand !! Troisième impression : on mange TRÈS bien ! ( quand c'est pas trop épicé)... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District April 9th 2013

Bonsoir tout le monde, ou plutôt bon matin, je ne sais plus trop où nous en sommes rendus. L'important c'est que nous sommes bien rendus à Beijing. 13h30 de vol!!!!! Nous avons mal partout. Première particularité du voyage. Regardez la première photo. Devinez ce que l'on oui! L'océan Arctique!!! Pour aller de Toronto à Beijing, ça à l'air que c'est plus vite par le nord que par l'Ouest. En tout cas c'est très spectaculaire surtout qu'à cause de notre itinéraire, il a fait soleil tout le long du voyage. Nous n'avons pas encore vécu de choc culturel. À part l'aéroport énorme où nous devions prendre un métro pour aller chercher nos valises nous avons l'impression d'être dans un gros quartier chinois de New York. Nous logeons dans le luxueux Four Points Sheraton 5 étoiles de ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District March 6th 2013 diesem Lied im Ohr war klar, wir müssen uns ein Fahrrad leihen um Beijing richtig zu erkunden. Gesagt getan, für 4€ pro Stück waren zwei halbwegs verkehrstaugliche Drahtesel für den Tag unsere Begleiter. Und so sind wir wieder einmal bei strahlendem Sonnenschein erstmal zur Verbotenen Stadt geradelt. Auf dem Weg dorthin wollten wir noch mal schnell Geld abheben und bekamen den Schreck unseres Lebens als wir feststellen mussten, dass irgendetwas mit dem Geldtransfer unseres Kreditkartenguthabens nicht geklappt hat. Bei der dritten Bank war uns dann klar, dass es an uns und nicht am Automat lag, also musste Plan B her: Geld wechseln. Aber auch das war nicht so einfach, die erste Bank nahm nur US-Dollar, die zweite...und alle weiteren, und wir haben noch einige abgeklappert an diesem Tag...wollte unseren Pass haben um den Wechsel zu ... read more
Verbotene Stadt
Verbotene Stadt
Verbotene Stadt

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District March 3rd 2013

Nach einem 10stündigen Flug und einer zweistündigen Odysee mit Airport Express und der völlig überfüllten Subway ( mal wieder am falschen Ende gespart, Rückfahrt mit Taxi!!) erreichen wir heute gegen 14 Uhr endlich unser Hostel, welches im Stadtteil Xicheng in einem schönen alten Hutong (Altstadtviertel) liegt und vom Aufbau her ein traditionelles chinesisches Haus (Siheyuan, "Familienhof") ist: von Aussen unscheinbar betritt man nach Durchschreiten des Tors eine eigene kleine Welt mit mehreren Innenhöfen, um die sich je nach Wohlstand und Familiengröße der Eigentümer mehr oder weniger viele Gebäude gruppieren. Traditionell wurden diese Hauser von chinesischen Grossfamilien in mehreren Generationen bewohnt. Da die Familien bekantermassen hier aber inzwischen nicht mehr so gross werden, wurden leider viele dieser alten Viertel abgerissen, da sie leer standen und/oder als Schan... read more
Unser süßes kleines Hutong-Hotel
Unser erstes 'namenloses' Essen in China
Der zugefrorene See

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District September 26th 2012

So then after approximately 26 arse numbing hours we have finally arrived in Beijing safe and extremely tired, got to the hotel at 8 am this morning and managed to get an early check in. Had some beijing noodles and steamed dumplings for breakfast and thought we were refuelled for the day, however after just 2 hours sleep in the last day or so, by the time we got to the entrance of the peoples place just a 10 minute stroll away we realised otherwise and have hit the sack for a few hours if not days................. read more

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District September 7th 2012

What a day! I've never been so tired. We started off at 8:00 andhe added out to the Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace, and the great Tian'anmen Square. We walked about 5 miles to cover these attractions. I've never seen so many people. They aren't shy about pushing and shoving either. We had a great lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Everything is served family style with a lazy Susan in the middle. Then, we went to the Summer Palace and walked some more! We stopped at a pearl store on the way. We came back to the hotel and showered and were back in the bus to go to dinner..We had Peking duck at a restaurant know for it. The chef carved the ducks at our table. We put several slices on a wonton wrapper and ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District September 6th 2012

Today we used a taxi and went to the Lama Temple. People there would burn three incense sticks, kneel, and bow three times. The largest Buddha in Beijing. Beautiful temples. Then we hopped a taxi and went to the Temple of Heaven. It was a temple and huge park where empowers offered sacrifices. There were beautiful gardens and pine trees with soft music playing throughout. Very relaxing! Our group of 17 all went out to dinner together. It was authentic Chinese. I ordered tea, thinking that would be easy. Cha in Chinese. They brought me hot water, no tea in it. When I asked about it,they brought me a scroll with all the different teas I could choose from. The only problem was that it was all written in Chinese characters! I told them they could ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District September 5th 2012

After twenty hours of travel time, and over 6700 miles, we have finally arrived in Beijing! We went out to eat at a local restaurant where they served pigeon heads! Gary was having such a hard time eating noodles with chopsticks that the waitress brought him a fork! Nobody in the place spoke any English. We ordered by pointing! Tomorrow is a free day with our tour starting on Friday. Beijing is 13 hours ahead of home. We are tired without exception. We left home at 4am! Goodnight!... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District July 30th 2012

The train to Beijing was pretty uneventful - our carriage was entirely full of Western travellers but there was no vodka fuelled madness. Even the border was simple with only cursory checks, no smuggling of boots or anything else was visibile last time (though maybe in the other compartments?). Once again the wheel bogies had to be changed (as China uses standard gauge) but after Belarus we knew the process and it was all a little tedious really. As we rolled towards Beijing you could immediately tell China is a much richer country than Mongolia, there are visible paved roads and construction happening everywhere. As we approached the capital the smog visibly thickened! We arrived into Beijing Central Station (which isn't very central) and said goodbye to Cathy and Lianne who were staying in a different ... read more
Lunch with the gang
Buddhist temple
Buddhist lion

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