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June 29th 2011
Published: June 29th 2011
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What? Two Blogs at ONCE?! Yep, procrastinating at it's best (just kidding, today was the easiest chapeer I'm going to have in at least 2 weeks) So last blog I met my Roomie, had many failures to communicate, and team bonding happened.

So I never really finished sunday, but it was basically the beginning of this rinse and repeat week.

Sunday: Transcribe a speach I wrote Thursday (didn't have to do the first Sunday)
Preview the next day's Chapter which includes:
-about 10 next new grammar structures
-learn to read/write/say all the new vocab, which has ranged from 20 (which is a day I go to the middle of the street and dance for joy that I did something right to please god today) -70 (In which I go to the middle of the street, drop to my knees and scream "what did I do to offend you, lord?") A normal day is about 60 words.
-read the passage, which is about 1-2 pages worth of characters.
-answer the questions about the passage (3-6, 5 being the norm).
At the beginning, this took about 3-4 hours alone, but I've got it to 2:30 - 3/ 3:30 on a bad night (aka: all of next week).

Monday: Wake up around 7:30, review characters.
First monday: 8:15 language pledge starts. No more english for me.
8:30, big class 1 starts of 9 students (self included). read the day's text out loud, then a tingxie (write down the sentence the teacher says, normally 2 sentences of 20-30 words, sentence repeated 2 extra times) then learn new grammar and tie it into the unit.
9:20, 10 min break
9:30, big class 2 starts of the same 9 kids. Learn rest of the day's grammar and tie into unit learned.
10:20, 20 min break
10:40, small class 1 starts of 4-5 students (self included) from my big class, practice with new grammar structures
11:30, 10 min break
11:40, small class 2 starts with same 4-5 students, finish practicing grammar, given some supplemental material to work on/with.
12:30, lunch begins, If I haven't crashed already, I crash now.
Randomly Between 1:30 and 2:30, 1 - 25 min session of a 1 on 1 conversation starts with a teach about the days lesson. In these, your basically drilled a bunch of questions about the days lesson with the hope of using the grammars and vocab you learned. Also, some holes in vocab and grammar not coved in the lesson get filled in.
From then till 5-6: Unofficial nap time/check email time/ chill the frick out time. (also cry about how I can't watch red vs blue, so don't spoil anything or so help me God. If you don't know what red vs blue is, don't worry bout it - you can ask Jay).
6: Dinner time: go to restaurant with friend group mentioned in Blog 2 of be a loner and eat noodles in room
7ish: return from dinner and start homework which includes (in my order of doing things)
-doing today's homework: 2 pages of grammar drills, word drills, measure word drills (It's a chinese grammar thing. Think about them like this: when you say "a pair of shoes," is the equivalent of a measure word in chinese, only they have it for everything that you can count (including people), so not all of it translates that well, but it's like saying # unit's of ____ ) and more grammar drills.
-Character/Radical (radical = part of a character) sheet for that day
-make grammar flash cards
-read story book, not related to the text at all, for 20 min, super brief summary. (BTW, I now hate geese even more. Stupid book.)
-Preview next day's chapter (See Sunday)
This puts me normally at 11 to 11:30, so a quick shower, talk with the roomie briefly, feel like a jerk for not spending more time with him (even though I can't unless you take out nap time, and he's not even around during nap time, so that would be stupid).
Sleep around 12.

Tuesday: See Monday

Wednesday: See Tuesday

Thursday: See Wednesday +
-Review all of the chapters, chapter's grammar structures, chapter's vocab
-avoid wanting to stab eyes out with kuaizi (chopsticks)
-write an essay about 450 characters long with 6 new grammar structures on 1 of 4 insanely hard essay topics that in theory have to do with each chapter we studied. Ex) we had a chapter about Beijing streets and how they are dangerous because cars have the right of way, not humans. The topic for that chapter was: Talk about the dangers of the Beijing streets. (ok, I can do this one) How can technology be used to help prevent futures accidents? at no point did we talk about technology, unless you count learning just the word for traffic light. So no, I'm not going to go learn even more new vocab on technology that I'd probably would use incorrectly when I already have about 240-300 words I just learned this week to remember in a night cram session.
-memorize newly written essay for oral part of test tomorrow (we do get to use a note card though. I'll take that handicap.

Friday: Written test about 1-1.5 hours long at 8:30
Oral Test between 10-11 where you say your speech and read a small passage in the book.
Pretend like CET doesn't exist (but the language pledge does) and try to forget about your week of hell.

Saturday: Pretend like CET doesn't exist (but the language pledge does) and try to forget about your week of hell. Do something fun like *spoiler alert* see the Great Wall

Sunday: Back to reality, see first Sunday.

So that's my week in a nutshell. All of which is going on while my face is trying to commit suicide (to be explained in the next blog) Until then, realize that when you read this, It's probably Thursday for me. Or you need to check this blog more (not really, it's probably back to weekend posts after this.

Some other things to think about:
60 words is way too many words per day
10 grammar structures is way too many grammar structures per day
How the ^$@2 am I suppose to write, edit, cry over, and memorize a 450 word essay in 1 night? let alone a night with a Devilsh amount of other stuff I have to remember.

--Robby (the guy who wanted to do this program...)


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