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November 28th 2007
Published: November 28th 2007
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The cabbage patch stairwellThe cabbage patch stairwellThe cabbage patch stairwell

They just start sprouting everywhere!!!!
Once upon a time, Boris and Doris the rabbits/hares (whatever, there's only one chinese translation) were living in the Forest of Wu. Life was peaceful. The mornings slipped away with noses in books, intelligent discussions on the inverse perceptions of the past and future, and sweeping generalisations of anything outside the forest. A home-made meal greeted the pair daily; of unleavened tuna, and bread soaked in spring water.

Previously the afternoons had been calm, however, recent events in regard to the lumberjacks, had involved Boris and Doris selling their underpriced souls to young children. "What be the news of Piglet?" asked Geraldine the Frog. "He's 8-foot long." replied Jenny the skunk. "Indeed, tis time for me to inspire myself" quoted Boris.

So he went over to Yurtle the Turtle's house in Dangly Dell. Here he found some friends. But no evidence of anyone who could play over a D7 chord. So he went on his way. Next he found himself in a mysterious part of the forest, such a lush, dense part of the forest. Such strange food to be found. No sign of cabbages. Exotic hamburgers, so-called "smoothies", chips and fresh basil. "Fresh basil!" he cried. "This gives
Best parking award no. 1Best parking award no. 1Best parking award no. 1

Yep. That number plate is actually bent around the cement slab. (There was absolutely nothing parked behind this car either.)
me the strength I need to chance upon my soul once again. And perchance to taste. I must tell Doris."

Meanwhile, Doris was preparing for the winter. The hibernation would be a long one, many cabbages would be required. A house made from cabbages is a well-insulated house. Unfortunately, all the other animals in the forest, including (but not restricted to) the peasants and the millionaire marxists, had already got there first. What to do? Not a single cabbage was left. Not inside nor out. Not in the snow, nor under the hedgehogs.

"So bugger this" said Doris, surprising herself with her foul mouth, "I'm off to full-time work".

Boris and Doris.

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Best parking award no. 2Best parking award no. 2
Best parking award no. 2

The sign in the background reads 'No parking'
Look in the backgroundLook in the background
Look in the background

When the police aren't throwing the street vendors off the streets, they're buying their food under the cover of darkness.

The size of this bottle is matched only by this man's biceps. Or our hangover. Try sake bombs in japanese beer: they rock!

Avocado. Need we say more?
They look charming on the outsideThey look charming on the outside
They look charming on the outside

But you should try teaching them english.
Multiculture at the blaMulticulture at the bla
Multiculture at the bla

Drinking games with chinese as the only common language, but no chinese actually present. We think the japanese scared them away.
Sof, Silas and KaiSof, Silas and Kai
Sof, Silas and Kai

More adventures at the bla
Nathan and ZacNathan and Zac
Nathan and Zac

Further adventures at the bla, as 'Big fish Little Fish Cardboard Box' catches on
Not at the blaNot at the bla
Not at the bla

Zac's first Beijing gig

28th November 2007

I think you guys must have found some sweet sweet substances to have written that blog. Either that or eating too much cabbage induced halucinogenic fits. xxx

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