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Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing April 24th 2019

Wednesday, 24th April 2019 The rainy weather in the morning presented an ideal opportunity to visit the Capital Museum, a short metro ride from where I stayed. The modern building is a delight to visit with plenty of spaces to maneuver around. However, the sparse exhibits were nothing to shout about which was a shame considering the generous size of the museum space. Anyway, this is a good space to while the hours away while waiting for the rain to stop. I decided to opt for a Japanese lunch at Genki Sushi. Conveniently located at Oriental Plaza, it was right next to Wangfujing Metro Station. Back at home, Genki Sushi is always an institute of itself, perpetually crowded with snaking queues at any time of the day. It was nice to dine at the Beijing outlet ... read more
Genki Sushi!

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing April 9th 2019

A rainy day in Beijing was a good excuse to visit a museum. A quick online search came up with the National Art Museum of China, so I headed there. It is really easy to get to and even has its own subway station with an exit right in front of the museum. The museum is free to enter but you must show your passport at the ticket office. I was hoping that I would get a ticket like at the Capital Museum, but not so. Probably for the best as it is a bit of a waste of paper. Since it was raining, I had expected the museum to be really busy, but there weren't too many people. After security, I headed to the entrance, but first I stopped at some sculptures outside. The first ... read more
Salvador Dali
Son of a Miner

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing August 30th 2015

Yesterday I went clubbing. And by clubbing I mean I partied till I didn't feel homesick anymore. It was a very weird experience because I had never been to a nightclub in my life. Usually the partyscene is not really my thing. I enjoy having a drink with friends once in a while but I rarely go anywhere I can't hear what other people are saying. Before we entered the club, we decided to grab a drink at a cafe located in a touristic street. It seemed a stripclub, but after like three minutes the stripper got the hell out of there and three guys took her place. They whipped out their karaoke kit (the Chinese really dig karaoke) and started singing Chinese lovesongs. It was actually way more entertaining, but a surprising twist nonetheless. When ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing August 29th 2015

So I was kind of dreading to write this post, because my first days have not been the best. But I guess I will just start writing and get it off my chest. Today is my 3rd day in Beijing and the air is still very clean. I guess it has something to with Olympics that are going on around Bird's Nest (the National Stadium of Beijing). I heard that facturies had to stop producing around the 22nd so the air would seem clean and healthy on TV. Only in China I suppose. That is one thing I love and hate about China. They just don't really care. On my cab drive to the hostel on the first day, I was stunned by the Beijing traffic. We paid the driver in advance to avoid him taking ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing November 2nd 2014

Today is a travel day for us. Leaving beautiful Hong Kong behind, we are heading north and inland to the Capitol of China, Beijing. At 10am our car picks us up from the Marriott and we head out to the Hong Kong Airport. As we leave the hotel we immediately hit bumper to bumper traffic as the streets around the government offices are still closed as the peaceful student sit-in continues with them living in tents on the main streets. It takes us about 20 minutes to clear the downtown and head for the bridge to Kowloon. We cross Kowloon Island and take another bridge to Lantau Island passing the Disneyland turn-off to Sunny Bay, and off to the left, we enjoy seeing our crystal cable car from the day before. We leave Lantau Island, crossing ... read more
Peninsula Hotel
Peninsula Checking In

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing April 9th 2014

"Donc après le resto on est montés au parc jingshan (ça veut dire colline de charbon...), d'où on avait une belle vue sur la cité interdite, on se rend mieux compte à quel point c'est gigantesque. Ensuite on a voulu aller au temple du ciel, mais à 3 minutes près la billetterie pour y rentrer était fermée... Du coup on s'est quand même baladés dans le parc Tiantan qui est autour. Puis direction le quartier de Wangfujing, les champs élysees de Pékin en quelque sorte, pas mal de boutiques très chères (enfin Rolex, Van Cleef et Arpels, plein de trucs de montres ou de vêtements pas donnés...), mais aussi une rue perpendiculaire dans laquelle on a vu plein de trucs de malade à manger : scorpions (qui bougent encore sur leur brochette avant qu'on les passe ... read more
Clem et Thomas qui jouent
Devant le temple du ciel ...
Un étal de nourriture

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing October 22nd 2013

Sorry for the late update, but we've been crazy busy here now that we're with the karate group. So, today we've decided to venture out on our own and do a bit of shopping, we've decided to go the the Silk Road Market, this place is quite the contrast to where we are staying where we can go downstairs and buy a 90k watch and a 45k cellphone. Silk Road is known for there counterfit items, and Wes has been asking for a couple of months to get a fake Rolex, so we're gonna try. We're lucky that to get there we only have to go 4 stops on the subway here. I've seen videos of how busy they can be here, so we head out with caution. A really good thing is that subways here ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing December 15th 2012

I’m recovering from an operation carried out in a Beijing hospital recently and I thought some of you might be interested to know what that was like. An integral part of extensive travelling is having medical challenges so forewarned is forearmed! One thing I have come to realise this week is that I am a person who enjoys experiences “outside my comfort zone.” I know that most people would be horrified at the thought and run home to familiar territory, but not me. I was really keen to see what it would be like. Obviously I wasn’t seriously ill and this would be called “elective surgery”, that is, I’d been putting it off for years and I wanted to get it sorted out before I retire next month. It was no big deal but the symptoms ... read more
digital time in every corridor
my private room
Nurses' station

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing October 1st 2012

After all the preparation, packing and learning the languages I have now arrived in Beijing at the start of my three week trans - Siberian trip. My rucksack weighed in at a respectable 19.5kg, including 3kg of pot noodle and go ahead bars. The flight was uneventful and I will leave it at that. I landed at 5am and it took a further 25 minutes for the plane to finally come to a stand still! What a huge airport. I took a taxi to my hotel which I was pleased and relieved to see actually had two stars, twice as many as I was expecting. The taxi driver made 13 calls over the 31.1 km we travelled, on at least four occasions he said 'uk' and I thought I was on the verge of being kidnapped. ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing September 12th 2012

Wednesday 12th September It all started almost a week ago when I left the sunny days in Sydney, no rain for the entire duration of my trip (15th Aug to 11th Sept). I was expecting to come to a smog filled city as depicted from the pre 2008 Olympic city documentaries or even some cloudy days but no, Beijing (formally Peking) turned on the glorious weather just as Australia did. I arrived at 5:50am to a barmy 22 degrees. After flying through customs and within 5 minutes I had my luggage and was greeted by a scared face well dressed Chinese man with a name plate that read "Heath William", thinking that the odds of another person on my flight having a similar name to me I just said yep that's me. After all ... read more
bit of normal food
Marinated Baby Chickens
MMMmm Crunchy Starfish

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