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July 4th 2009
Published: July 4th 2009
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Started Gap trip to China. First stop Beijing. Next 21 days we will travel through China, Laos and into Thailand. Should be a good laugh.

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Tianamen Square.Tianamen Square.
Tianamen Square.

Its a big square in Beijing. Can hold 1 million people.
Gar and the big man - Mao.Gar and the big man - Mao.
Gar and the big man - Mao.

Big painting in the square beside his tomb.
Forbidden City.Forbidden City.
Forbidden City.

This is beside the square. Its where the emporer of China lived. The last emporer left in 1911 or something. Its in movie. You can rent it if you want. But we did meet the last emporer's nephew there - who would be emporer if they still had them. He was very cool.
On the walk up to the wall.On the walk up to the wall.
On the walk up to the wall.

Really pretty caves and waterfalls. Its not just about the big wall.
Look how far it goes!Look how far it goes!
Look how far it goes!

apparently it was built to stop the Mongolians. The mountains surrounding it are lovely.
time for a wee beer.time for a wee beer.
time for a wee beer.

10am. We had to live up to the drunken irish steroetpye.
I tried to push it down but it didnt budge.I tried to push it down but it didnt budge.
I tried to push it down but it didnt budge.

must have been good builders but sadly 30 million people died constructing it. horrific.
Olympic park.Olympic park.
Olympic park.

The birds nest from the Beijing olympics.

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