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Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven May 9th 2015

Beijing City Tour. The tour plan was good, it covered the top four attractions of the capital with two informative shopping stops. There was an Australian couple, two Greek girls living in London, a couple of lads from Costa Rica who were in Beijing for the Marathon, a Dutch girl who was doing some landscaping design in Xining and myself in the party. Only later I came to know that some of them had paid nearly twice as much as I did for the tour. I had miscalculated the time, had to rush out even without a shave as the guide was waiting in the reception. First port of call was the Forbidden City. As the name implies it was forbidden for all except the Emperor’s immediate court and high officials. It was a "city" as ... read more
Forbidden city2
Summer Palace1
Summer Palace2

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven October 18th 2014

Another flight. Another country - this one would take us to China where we were to spend the next three weeks surrounded by skyscrapers. We arrived in Beijing at the enormous airport, which opened prior to the Olympic Games in 2008 and is the largest airport in the world. Despite it's size, or maybe because of it, we found it ghostly quiet and very quickly we passed through immigration and soon had found our way to the BRT (metro) station. Stopping at an ATM to fill our wallets we were a little shocked to find that the exchange rate was lower than we were expecting.... It was an easy trip into the city but we did get confused when we walked out of the underground into the gloom of the late afternoon. We had booked a ... read more
The Forbidden City
Old city gate near Tiananmen Square
Front Gate of Tiananmen Square

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven July 30th 2014

We were awoken at 3:30 am with coffee and kosher breakfast on our comfortable Air China flight from Sydney. We think that we had omelette and beans and hash browns but couldn't swear to it. Then because of the weather in Beijing there was a delay in landing. The coast had been hit by a typhoon and guess what - it was raining and miserable when we landed. We collected our luggage and were met by our guide for most of our week in Beijing, Richard W (Xue Liang Wang). We discovered Richard through a company called Richard drove us to our hotel, Traders Upper East, and agreed to meet us at 1:30 pm for our first sightseeing afternoon. Our suite is lovely. We have a lounge area, bedroom with walk-in closet, bathroom and a ... read more
Dragon tiles on a building at the Temple of Heaven
Soldiers, Workers, Farmers, Students statue in Tiananmen Square
Chairman Mao image & slogans in Tiananmen Square

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven October 19th 2013

Our last day in Beijing. In the morning, we check out and move our bags to the belly of the bus. Our first stop is the Temple of Heaven Park, a 267 hectare oasis of peace in the heart of the city. We first stroll through the extensive grounds surrounding the central temple complex. This is a favorite park for Beijing residents to visit, especially in the morning. We see various groups performing tai chi, yoga, and several types of dancing and games. Some of our number who are familiar with tai chi join in with one of the groups, but the female leader is not pleased with their form and corrects them repeatedly, clucking her disapproval. All taken in good spirits, however. When we reach the centre of the grounds, we enter the Temple of ... read more
One of the buildings at the Summer Palace, Beijing, China
Artificial lake, Summer Palace, Beijing, China
Entrance to the Long Corridor, Summer Palace, Beijing, China

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven October 10th 2013

I went to the bookshop first thing this morning to try and find some maps of china, but could only find road atlases, so I picked up some artist renditions of the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. After which I go the subway round to the Temple of Heaven to have a look round. It is a very big park. I hardly saw any of it. I wasn't really in the mood, as as soon as I walked past the perfectly manicured lawns, I started sneezing. I haven't had hayfever all year, and did not enjoy this. It's October, hayfeveer, go away. The park was full of all sorts of people, all ages, doing all sorts of things. Lots of exercise groups doing dances and tai chi, people playing badminton, learning musical instruments in groups. ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven August 5th 2013

Day 15 - Temple if Heaven and Pearl Market I woke up this morning with my ,'tiger balm covered tissue' over my face! I am very relieved, I feel a lot better today. I did the right thing missing Sintje's birthday meal in order to rest and recover! I am still snotty, but I can deal with that! All the reports were that they all had a great time. I had breakfast with Laura before setting off for the Temple of Heaven. It is a huge park area. It is very communal with areas of singing, dancing and general get togethers. The area is a complex of religious buildings. The numbers 3 and 9 are reoccurring throughout the whole area. It is early just now, so it is not too hot....yet! After we had gone through ... read more
Temple of Heaven grounds

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven May 28th 2013

Next stop Huangshan (a stunning world-heritage granite mountain range inspiring much Chinese art) in neighbouring Anhui province, trundling into town on a local bus to be greeted by Mr Hu, our friendly and cheerful hotel owner. Explored the local town with its streets lined with small identikit supermarkets before the steep climb up to the peaks. Hiked through gorgeous views of steep gorges, bizarre rocky outcrops and twisted pine trees and passing heavily laden porters balancing huge bags of provisions while chatting with a friendly Israeli couple. Near the top squeezed through small tunnels and up precipitous steps to the exposed Lotus Flower summit offering fabulous mountain views. After enjoying some more of Mr Hu's chinese cooking caught a bus to polluted Nanjing, the route passing huge road and appartment construction cutting a swathe through the ... read more
Pre-Hike Advice
Tree on Rock

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven October 30th 2012

Day 1: The flight was delayed because of fog, so sitting on the tarmac we were served lunch. I hoped this wasn't an example of the food to come because it was very ordinary. Eleanor noted that it was no Etihad, but I didn't have to carry a chicken on my lap, so I was fairly confident that it was a professional outfit we were flying. Landing in the fog (or smog?), we couldn't see anything. 3:30pm and you could cut the air with a knife. My lungs were constricting with the thought of what it would actually be like outside. The fog had penetrated the terminal and I was hoping my asthma pump was within reach. Adding to the mass of chemicals in the air was the stench of cigarette smoke. Ignoring the no smoking ... read more
A hazy shade of Beijing
Lots of tourist lost in the smog
Before the breeze

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven October 2nd 2012

Today I met Peter my Beijing guide. I found Peter on trip adviser as I searched for local guides. He advertised as an independent guide and was thoroughly recommended by many other travellers. I initially emailed him in June and have remained in contact with himever since. We met at my hotel this morning. The opening exchange went a bit like this; Peter " hello Spencer, you from Autrailia?" Me " no I am from the uk" ( in a Chinese accent of course) Peter " no no you sound Austrailian, where in Austrailia you from?" Me " do you know Sydney? Near the opera house?" We headed off for a coffee and to plan the day. Peter told me that all the main sights in the city would be extremely busy because this week is ... read more
T Square
Forbidden City
Temple of Heaven

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven July 13th 2012

And then maybe I can get some pictures from here at NIT (Nanchang Institue of Technology) here in Nanchang. I have had all kinds of adventures. Doing drills with the campus "ROTC", running morning with my students, teaching, going to Chinese BBQ with older students, having visits from long tailed hairy creatures, and doing my usual exploiring! Here are pictures from The Temple of Heaven. To my surprise I had not been there. This was on our last day in Beijing (Friday the 6th). I though I had but this was an all new experience. We had a fun time there and quite the amazing place!... read more

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