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Asia » China » Beijing » Summer Palace July 3rd 2016

Four world heritage sites and one site which isn't In and around Beijing there are so many cultural heritage sites that you can't possible visit them all in such a short trip as the one I made with my mother last summer. We had to limit ourselves to the most interesting ones. If we had tried to squeeze in too many it would have killed all the fun with the trip. I have been to Beijing several times before and I have in previous trips visited most of the sites we wanted to go to. I could therefore give suggestions on which ones we had to see and which ones we shouldn't bother going to. I also had some idea on how long a visit to each place would take so you might say that I ... read more
The Marble Boat
The Long Corridor
Lion statue

Asia » China » Beijing » Summer Palace September 19th 2015

While I was in Beijing, at the end of the summer, the downtown was still very hot, heavily polluted and an escape, away from the chaotic city, was definitely needed. Around Peking there are so many interesting and lovely sites. I headed to the great Summer Palace, that is easily reached by tube from the city center. I left from "Xidan" underground station to "Beigongmen" station and in about one hour I was already to my destination. As I expected, I was welcome by numerous street vendors selling any kind of thing your heart may desire. The Haidian District is about 15km from downtown Beijing, but it was enough to regenerate myself by the stifling hot and tough contaminated air I inhaled. It was very pristine, the lash vegetation and flowers, surrounding the place and the ... read more
Marble boat
 Zhuanlunzang complex
Suzhou Street Market

Asia » China » Beijing » Summer Palace June 14th 2015

For the moon festival (one of our first lots of time off from work) we all decided to go to visit Beijing and boy, did we have an interesting time!!! img= img= So, one of the great things we did, was visit the Forbidden Palace. Out the back, there was a great hill where you could go up and we could watch the moon together in it's peak. Firstly, we had a... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Summer Palace May 23rd 2015

It was our first full free day in Beijing, so my roommate and I decided to explore via subway. After a full breakfast at the Swissotel, we hopped on the subway to The Temple of Heaven. This beautiful park hosts one of the oldest wooden temples in the area. The rounded construction of the temple was a site to see. The park surrounding the temple was filled with all sorts of locals. They were singing, dancing, playing Chinese checkers, cards, painting, tai chi, or just enjoying the gorgeous day in the park. The roses, trees, and greenery made the park a place of serene beauty. There was even a photo shoot of traditional Chinese wedding dresses, and we saw at least 15 different models around the park in stunning dresses. It was a busy day, but ... read more
Floating Heart Plant Bridge

Asia » China » Beijing » Summer Palace May 15th 2015

Last day in Beijing Friday 15 May Beijing – Yichang Before we caught the late afternoon flight to YiChang, to join the Yangtze River cruise we visited the Bold Beijing Zoo to see the Pandas. There has been a 2nd zoo built further away from the centre of the city because the old zoo was now too small. However, they have left many of the pandas. We saw 7 of them. Some of them were funny to watch. There was one who was sitting on his bottom, basking in the sun with his nose pointing to the sky, occasionally looking down at us. This was another highlight of our tour, particularly as there aren’t many pandas left in the world. We then drove to the Old Summer Palace which included a 780m long covered archway which ... read more
Summer Palace Beijing (5)
Summer Palace Beijing - the longest corridor in China (2)
Summer Palace Beijing (8)

Asia » China » Beijing » Summer Palace November 16th 2014

Because the email is forever "connecting"and then becomes timed out Mingnon this is youalthough I do not know when easy access will be available again. I have stopped wasting the time to be disappointed. For all who are trying to make contact I promise to read the messages during this trip and at this time apologize to those who have sent kind words and not heard a reply ... one from 2010 ... embarassing... After that short message on to... The Summer Palace It was a 08:30 beginning to the day. We visited the Summer Palace first then took a trip to Olympic site and then went for rickshaw ride. In between had good lunch and even better dinner. Two full meals a day are starting be too much and it is only day four of ... read more
Two Pheonix Guard the Garden
Red Bag Feeds Tree
View of Boat Launch from Long Corridor

Asia » China » Beijing » Summer Palace November 10th 2014

Hi All, So today we headed to the Summer Palace. We had to get the Metro to the Far North West of Beijing which was about 25km, grand total costing us £0.22 each lol. Once there we paid the huge sum of £1 and then a stupid £4 for english audio guides (should have learnt from the Forbidden City that these are shite and don't work!!). It was stunning, the views are amazing over the lake; the old emperors must have been physically fit as we had to rock climb to get past the first palaces. Vicky had said she had never been until we got inside and she said 'Oh yeah Louisa and I came here and oh yeah we went on that boat!! (one she is in photo with). We had a walk around ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Summer Palace August 3rd 2014

Today was another long but wonderful day. We were collected at 9am and driven to the Summer Palace, the private garden home for the emperor. This private estate and garden covering 600 acres (again Big!) was built during the reign of the Manchus (Qing) period. It was started by the third emperor Qian Long. This was a very powerful period when he started opening China to the west. The emperor built the Summer Palace as a birthday present for his mother's 60th birthday. In 1860 and 1900 the palace was destroyed by the Anglo French army. Three quarters of the area is water. Although the place was heaving with tourists (mainly Chinese) the tranquility and beauty still shone through. At this point I will interject with a report of a news item on Chinese television last ... read more
long way up to a Summer Palace shrine
in the Summer Palace gardens
the Bronze Pagoda at the Summer Palace

Asia » China » Beijing » Summer Palace December 3rd 2013

I guess the best place to begin is at the beginning. We arrived in Beijing after about 15 hours in the air, tired, grumpy, sleepy and slightly smelly. The thought of vegging out in our hotel room was very appealing at the time. That was not to be the case. Our first day in China, after a too brief respite to clean up and brush our teeth, we were off to our first attractions, The Temple of Heaven and The Forbidden City. The immenseness of these places is hard to describe. There are huge edifices everywhere, large, paved open spaces, gardens and artwork. By the way, our tour was put on by China Spree. Our guide, Clevin (his made-up English name) was great. The entire tour was action-packed, every day. If you go, DO BUY the ... read more
Summer Palace Lake
 Architecture Example
Wow, Just Wow

Asia » China » Beijing » Summer Palace November 24th 2013

On the road again........ Another scratch off of our bucket list. China, for us, the trip of a lifetime. After enduring a more than fourteen hour flight from LAX to PEK, we landed in Beijing. We breezed through immigration and customs and met our China Spree travel guide. After rounding up all the members of our party we boarded our bus and headed for the hotel, and were we ready for it. We departed Friday morning just after midnight, crossed the international dateline and arrived on Saturday morning at about 5:00 a.m., more or less. So far, everything is clicking! Okay, we arrive at the PentaHotel Beijing and grab our luggage. The guide, with his made up name of Clevin, has arranged for early check in for almost all of us. We thought we were done ... read more
Our Guide
Resting in the Hotel Room
In Front of Hotel

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