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March 24th 2012
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People dancing in the ParkPeople dancing in the ParkPeople dancing in the Park

On the weekends people gather in the park to dance, sing, play card games along with other activities.
The day after our failed visit to the Forbidden City we decided it should be safe enough to visit one of the cities parks, so we decided on Jingshan Park which was the park behind the Forbidden city where the taxi driver dropped us the day before.

The parks in Beijing are quite beautiful and often bustling with people on the weekend meeting to dance in traditional costumes, sing traditional songs, play cards, kick the feathered ball thing around or just play tourist. We trudged up the big hill in the middle of the park which was formed by the digging of the moat around the forbidden city to the temple on top. Once there (after catching our breaths) we took in the spectacular views of the Forbidden city, and the views over Beijing. In the temple itself there is a large Golden Buddha - quite spectacular. The boys got Seals with their Zodiac animals on top and their names in Chinese as the seal (stamp). We then checked out some of the other temples and had a wander around the park before heading out for a walk back towards the hotel. After several kilometers we gave up and took
Josh and the golden buddhaJosh and the golden buddhaJosh and the golden buddha

Photos forbidden, mainly of the buddhas, most everything else is okay to photograph even if the sign states otherwise
the subway to try and save our legs.

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Views of the Forbidden CityViews of the Forbidden City
Views of the Forbidden City

The park has views over the Forbidden city along with 360 degree views over Beijing
More TemplesMore Temples
More Temples

There are five temples in the park with a different Buddha in each temple
Cute things to buyCute things to buy
Cute things to buy

we wandered down Luogu Xiang my favourite shopping street full of eclectic trendy things to buy.

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