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June 10th 2007
Published: August 6th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY


I really like this kid his English sooooo good.
We celebrated Liba's birthday, which was a lot of fun. We had cake and ice cream with Steven and then a party at nanjie. Saturday we went to Zeta bar, which is a very high-class bar in the Hilton because, a friend of hers reserved us a table. It was the weirdest bar. Not people friendly. Everyone seemed stuck on themselves and I was wearing really uncomfortable shoes and the table was one of those standing only things. The bathrooms were crazy. The stalls looked like cages and you felt that everyone could see you. It was a James Bond night so the people were dressed funny.

I spent all day Saturday with Tom. I like hanging out with him because we treat each other like sister and brother. He helped me buy my cell phone and I took his picture to put on his personal advertisement on That’s Beijing online.

Sunday I spent with Cece in Xidan my favorite place. What could be better than shopping with a good friend and starbucks? But I do hate the attention that I get when I go shopping. The sales associates are so pushy, thinking I have lots of money
Middle School Middle School Middle School

Even in middle school they still rush the camera and fight to be as close as possible
to spend. With Cece translating it’s not as intimidating but still I cant stand when the entire sales staff follows me around.

So begins my last week of teaching in the primary school and I am sad. I will really miss those little buggers. So expect lots of pictures next week of my students.

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Birthday Birthday

Liba cutting her birthday cake.
Me Me

We went to an ice cream parlor where Tom took this photo of me with the icecream umbrella

and I took this picture of him. The icecream was not good but it came with all sorts of fruit including tomatoes.

Picture of Tom for Thats Beijing personal ad

our new favorite restaruant is in a parking lot where they serve everthing on sticks.

Nathan at the parking lot restaurant
Meat on a stickMeat on a stick
Meat on a stick

i love meat on a stick

i love soybeans

10th June 2007

Yum! Meat on a stick and soybeans! Bring some back for me!
10th June 2007

Look forward to the pictures!
Only one more week of school! I hope you have lots of fun things stored up for summer va-ca. The pictures of the food look delicious! Even the corn. Love, Cheryl
11th June 2007

I "Wonder"
It always occurs to me whenever I see some kind of "Meat on a stick" that I don't know what the meat is. As a matter of fact, it never quite tastes like any other meat that I can place. Hmm. I guess ignorance is bliss. If you know what the meat is though, please let me know. (Unless you think it would be better to keep me in the dark.)
12th June 2007

Pushy beggars
Pushy sales people are annoying. I usually just leave the store; I like to look around and even touch things. But under their watchful gaze, if I look at something for more than 1.5 seconds, they try hard to pin down a sale. But worse are the subway beggars who put the money dish right under your nose. I almost wish people wouldn't have told me those maimed and blind people are under the control of begging rings who take all that money. And they get lots of money cuz you can't help but feel sorry for them. It's easier for me to not give money to the little kids, cuz you can usually see a greedy adult lurking in the background. But mainly I just hate to reinforce that extremely agressive begging by little kids. I've tried to give them food, but they won't take it.

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