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Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district October 19th 2018

Greetings again from here in Beijing, which is certainly getting colder! Week 3 has been and gone, and I feel like time in general is going by faster and faster. Almost been in China a month now! This week has definitely been a good one all round. Fairly normal I'd say with 7am starts and typically crashing just after 10pm. The biggest highlight this week was setting up a bike rental app. This was quite a saga because I needed to set up a Chinese bank account in order to set up the app properly. Did that without too much trouble, I think being a student made things a lot easier. But then I couldn't figure how they'd registered my name and realised I hadn't registered my phone number either which I needed to. I then ... read more
Bird's Nest - 2008 Olympic stadium
Olympic Forest Park

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district September 28th 2018

NiHao! Greetings to you all from here in Beijing :) I literally just wrote more than 700 words but the internet failed and I lost all of it. Save your work kids. So that’s my internet situation. Yay. Thankfully though that’s really the only thing to complain about The flight was really smooth. Long and pretty sleepless, but smooth and my suitcase arrived perfectly so that was great. I was met at the airport by a member of Aupairia (the agency) staff and taken to their office before eventually getting to a hotel for the night. All the Aupairia staff are so lovely and friendly. Wanting to help out everywhere and their door is always open to go and have lunch with them - a lot of au pairs do! I was totally exhausted, so it ... read more
Calligraphy class

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district » Chaoyang Park June 16th 2018

This is the second day of hazy and heavy particulate weather. I think you get my meaning. For the previous two weeks the weather has been pretty excellent if not for some days being to warm. For the first week of June Charles Ramble lectured everyday at the Minzu University. I was unfortuneatly only able to attend three of the lectures which were excellent. It is auction season in Beijing with lots of the companies offering large previews of their wares. There are many potential and hopeful buyers attending from all over China and elsewhere. For Himalayan art the best site in Beijing is the Capital Museum with a special Tibetan exhibition that lasts until late July. They also have a great permanent collection of sculpture always on view. It is a must see for all ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district » Chaoyang Park June 15th 2018

I really need to start remembering to post a few thoughts and memories. Travel has been so hectic and busy recently.... read more

The first couple of days... Sorry this is a long one, and there are more photos at the end. We were up at 6.00am and were heading for the airport parking by 7.00am. The traffic was bowling along and we could not believe that we had arrived at the off-site parking in Tullamarine in 55 mins! Off to the airport and we were through the check-in in a very short time and so with nothing else to do, we headed into the Departures/customs area. Apart from the serial international terrorist, that little old lady otherwise known as Margaret, managing to entrap Geoff into the dangerous chemicals test area for a swab, we were off to join our first queue for the day. It seems obligatory that they swab Margaret at every opportunity – not sure what ... read more
Forbidden City
Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district July 12th 2016

What was it that endeared me to “Chinese Bridge”? Was it the sparkling lights, the neon plastic chairs, the game-show ambience? Was it the giant globe and revolving stage built in a week for 72 unwitting “lao wai”’s to walk across? Or perhaps it was the promises of fame and glory poured into our ears as they worked us like dogs—big, cute, hairy foreign dogs—to fabricate a product (nothing other than our own image) that would sell on one of China’s main television stations—CCTV? Ah, these things were stirring enough, but what captured my heart in the end was something not even my inner cynic could have forecasted for this year’s “Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe.” What won me over was that the so-called “competition” was a fake and a sham ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district October 15th 2015

Left hotel at 7.00a.m. this morning to head about 80klms out of Beijing to the Badaling section of The Great Wall, enroute visited a Jade factory but so expensive but interesting nonetheless. Our guide picked the Badaling section because it is not so crowded...good choice.. there was plenty of room to move around and not be bumping into people. It really was breathtaking! We only walked up a short section of the wall..very steep and steps all different heights etc, very difficult to walk up at some points but the view is so beautiful, looking across the lush mountain side. We both agreed one of the most amazing things we have seen. The whole length of the wall is over 21,196 kilometres, many deaths along the out guide said the Great Wall is a cemetery. ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district » Chaoyang Park October 12th 2015

Well its been an experience getting here! Such a long flight leaving Melbourne at 11.30p.m. on the 12/10 and arriving in Guangzhou at 6.00a.m. on the 13/10, Gloria having no screen working, so no movies, news or docos....they couldn't give a rats a...... thats China Southern! Another 3 hours to Beijing and sat on the runway for 20 minutes before they could find our bay to go in....??? just in the middle of the airport...down the stairs....bus for a long, long way and then 45 minutes to get luggage... was told they operate on chaos time here....true that! By the way if anyone wants to contact us do it through John's email only: as Facebook, Instragram and gmail banned!!! John has his gmail going through apple mail so OK but mine not working. Met our ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district July 19th 2014

For daddy's birthday I booked tickets (with the great help from my Chinese teacher!!) for us to see a Chinese acrobat show. We had a fantastic time and had seats in the middle so we has a great view. The acts were really good and some I had not seen before. The boys sat still the whole time watching with their mouths open!!! There was a group of drummers that jumped through hoops and did summersaults through the air and 11 ladies riding 1 bike. The "wall of death" was the large metal ball/cage with 1 motorbike riding around inside, then another and another then ended up with 8 inside! Matthew's face says it all!!... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Chaoyang district » Dongzhimen July 17th 2014

Now 2 weeks into my 5th China trip; the 4th to teach at HUST in Wuhan. Arrived in Beijing, returning to the Xiao Yuan Alley Courtyard Hotel in Liji hutong the heart of Dongzhimen, just east of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. I stayed in Xiao Yuan my last stay in Beijing and so it was a comfortable return visit. Beijing has become an expensive city, especially during peak summer travel months. The Xiao Yuan is perfectly located, easily accessible by subway just one stop from the terminus of the line from Beijing Airport into the city. There are some great, small restaurants nearby serving Beijing cuisine as well as food from many other parts of China. This return trip to Beijing en route to Wuhan was primarily to reconnect with my first TA from ... read more
Summer Palace
Electric Unicycle

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