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Well, all we have to say is that we're grateful to be in Beijing. Even though both India and China are usually talked about in the same breath when you hear about booming developing foreign economies in the business news, but they are leaps and bound apart. Perhaps it's all the preparations for the Olympics (which ended the day before we arrived), but the chinese are certainly doing something right. Our flight from Delhi to Beijing was pretty uneventful, aside from the fact that we travelled on Ethiopia Air and survived. Actually, Ethiopia Air was not so bad. It was certainly no Etihad, but after the week in India, we would've taken anything with two wings and a working engine. We arrived almost seven hours later in Beijing Aiport. We could immediately tell how spruced ... read more
Beijing 2008
Olympic Decoration
Chairman Overlooking Tianamen

Captain Riyadh put us firmly down onto China. Once he had made contact with the runway at Peking, we began what I call "the qatar airways roll out". Always long, always quiet, and nearly always with no reverse thrust. We had been on the A330 for over 9 hours. I had slept for five and watched master and commander for the last two. The whole experience had, as usual for Qatar Airways, been utterly painless. We are back in China after a break of three months. With the exception of the Olympian fever, nothing has changed. China is a morass of strength and independance. The middle kingdom of middle earth. While China has shortcomings, and therefore critics, I look at them as being a short term blip in the grand scheme of life. You really get ... read more

What do banners, shirts, traffic laws, water-cooler conversations, TV shows, and even the day's specials on some of the restaurant menus have in common? The 2008 BEIJING SUMMER OLYMPICS! The logo is everywhere and you would have to be a real dummy to not realize what is about to happen. In the final hours leading up to the Games, whether it is tickets, transportation, signs, shirts, hotel rooms, or just a peace of mind, everyone is scrambling for something. Beijing has gone from the traditional capital of China focused on preserving their cultural relics and historical places to a city buzzing with the Olympic spirit. Lining all of the main streets are Beijing 2008 banners and flags, new bill boards, and huge canvases covering the buildings that are still under construction. Out of nowhere, they ... read more

Today we visited the 'art district' of beijing. First we went to this new area that is a little bit outside the city and is known to be the art district that is 'not government supervised'. I actually thought this area was kind of boring. it had a great deal of sichuan immigrants and restaurants. afterwards we took a bus to the 'government supervised' art district, called 798, which was really cool. it probably covered a whole square mile and had a bunch of different art galleries, cafes, music houses, etc. all over these small promenades and alleys. I highly recommend spending half a day or even a full day wandering this area. ... read more
the building
the area
Acoustic House

friday i tried to celebrate the fourth as best i could, which meant eating american food and getting drunk with americans. the restaurant we went to was called 'grandmas kitchen'. i had a cheeseburger and fries that cost about the same as about ten dinners altogether i usually have here (80 kuai). Me and two others got seperated from the group on the way to this restaurant so we ended up going to a german bar and had some real beer beforehand. after dinner we went to one of local bar districts and tried to celebrate as best we could. nonetheless, i would say the fourth of july is best spent in america. ... read more
The German Bar
German Beer!
Photo 4

Wow, so a lot has been going on here lately. And not a lot, too. Beijing has changed. Like we say, the only constant in Beijing is change! Always people coming and going, moving here moving away, buildings being torn down so new ones can be built, roads being widened, and new subway lines opening. Restaurants and bars that were here last year have moved locations, sometimes twice already! It is rare to find a bar in this area that has been stable for five years. And China seems more open. In the past week since I arrived, I've had conversations about abortion, about my thoughts on Tibet, on Americans in China, on Chinese media censorship, and on Muslims and the Chinese thoughts about Sept 11. And all of these conversations were with native Beijingers! With ... read more

The journey over from Manchester was a long one, although the first leg to Abu Dhabi was brightened by films and ice cream- Well done Etihad, you did us proud!!- the second leg was not so fun. Lack of sleep and inability to find a comfy sleeping position without setting off the "help" button made me extra popuar with passengers and flight attendants alike. I arrived early into the new and shiny Beijing city central airport which although huge, was as eerily empty. I breezed out into the arrivals lounge expecting to see an Ally shaped face waiting for me but there was no sign of our noble champion. After some faffing and 1 1/2 hours of standing hopefully in the same obvious place with no word, no answer and no reply to the multiple frantic ... read more

Hello everyone - sorry it's taken so long!! I've genuinely been quite busy at work (more in a sec), and not a heap of access to a computer. ALSO, I desperately wanted to add some photos as I've taken heaps, but of course I left the USB lead back home... So it'll be a trip to a computer store armed with dictionary and camera I suppose! Anyway, to the job: It's been going really well. I have a Friday and Saturday weekend, so I'm working Sunday to Thursday. Working is a loose word, as right now I'm on a break at work and I'm typing this blog!! Also, sometimes work is such a joy and so much fun it doesn't feel like work at all. The class sizes are usually 2-6 adult learners, although I've had ... read more

Well I'm freezing cold, but after 24 hours I re-acquired the skills of putting-on and stripping layers, bought some cheap gloves, ear-warmers (negates the need for beanies! can't hear anything!) Nah it's great to be back in Beijing, some things have changed completely, others are the same... My 18-hour transit in Hong Kong was wonderful - I stayed with an old high-school friend, and it was really great to be around close Aussie friends, while at the same time getting used to the cold (HK was 8 degrees!) and the people everywhere. But yes, the first few days have been great so far. My first chinese dish I ate was Di-san-xian, my favourite, naturally with cheap Chinese beer; I had my second favourite food on the next night, meat-on-a-stick Yangrouchuanr (these were all completely incidental - ... read more

It is cold beside the window of our 10th floor apartment in the Chaoyang District of Beijing. Outside the sky is dark and I can see no stars and no moon, but the building adjacent to ours has some interesting blue lights that jet upwards like some electronical fountain in the sky. Traffic hasn't stopped its psychotic flow since I arrived during rush hour on Tuesday January 15th. Inside the smell of spicy mexican chilli makes it feel as though I could be anywhere in the world. Kirsten (one of my older, wiser, more beautiful sisters) has inherited our Dad's knack for exquisite cooking, something we all thought had been lost forever, and uses her talent almost every day. There is no possible chance of going hungry in this city, even if you don't live with ... read more
scorps and horses
Star Mtn
Ski Hill

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