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Asia » China » Anhui » Hefei August 23rd 2019

Actually, I haven’t learnt a whole lot about education but having talked to the teachers there there are some interesting facts. Our experience has been in private language schools, and there are some common threads. Most of the teachers are women, young, in their twenties. It seems that all of the private language schools have cctv in the classrooms, and the parents can watch what goes on from the reception area. The grandparents are the worst, asking why the teacher isn’t asking their offspring more questions or showing them more attention. Kids learn English in school but the lessons are very boring and the teachers use Chinese all the time, probably due to their own level of English. They do sport, football, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, but after school the emphasis is on homework and they ... read more

Asia » China » Anhui » Hefei August 20th 2019

We had a day off today, as we worked all weekend and had a travel day yesterday. We are worth it! Breakfast was not a patch on the other places we’ve been to, but there is no danger of starving and I found some kind of bread and butter pudding which was delicious. We decided to get a cab to the Mixc shopping centre we’d seen from the taxi yesterday. I had spotted Calvin Klein, so we thought it would be a good bet. The map said over an hour’s walk, which neither of us were feeling like in 35 degrees and high humidity. The hotel called us a cab, a lady driver who definitely took the scenic route but the fare was less than £2 so not the end of the world! We did knock ... read more

Asia » China » Anhui » Hefei August 19th 2019

So today I checked out of the hotel and expected to be able to get a taxi from the concierge, no problem. I had to go to Shanghai Train Station, not the one I arrived at near the airport, thankfully, as this one was really near where I was staying, It almost looked walkable, but with my luggage and the heat I decided against it. A wise move. But getting a taxi wasn’t easy. They looked a bit abashed and said it could take 20 minutes. There were others also waiting. Luckily I’d allowed loads of time. After 20minutes the guy said he’d ordered me an uber instead, or the Chinese version of it, and I paid him (20RMB) and he gave me a receipt, so I didn’t have to pay the taxi directly. Fine by ... read more

Asia » China » Anhui » Huangshan March 25th 2019

DAY 1 The alarm was set to 6am Saturday morning. We had to travel with train from Ningbo to Hangzhou and then again from Hangzhou to Huangshan before arriving to The Yellow Mountain. We arrived to The Yellow Mountain southern gate by bus at 3pm. Because we didn’t have that much time before the sunset we chose to take the Yungu Cable Car to the top. If you have the time, you can hike all the way up. At the top, we walked from the Mushroom Pavilion to the Harp Pine. From the Harp Pine, you could walk to the Beginning-to-Believe Peak. From the Harp Pine we walked to Black Tiger Pine before we arrived at your hotel, Beihai Hotel. After checking in at the hotel, we walked to the Bright Top to see the sunset. ... read more

Asia » China » Anhui » Huangshan August 23rd 2017

I hiked up Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) for a 2 day trip. I started by taking the 5:30am bus from Tunxi to Tangkou. Tangkou was teeming with Chinese tourists. After a few minutes I figured out I needed to take a second bus to the start of the hike. I chose the Eastern steps. It was a 2.5 hour slog up the steps in the heat, drenched in sweat. The majority of Chinese tourists take one of the cable cars up, but the steps were pretty busy nonetheless. I passed many porters (see picture) carrying heavy loads up the steps on their backs using a stick and good balance (why they don't use the cable cars during the quiet times (or before/after)... I don't know. After getting to the top I dropped my stuff off at my ... read more
China 80
China 81
China 83

Asia » China » Anhui » Huangshan August 23rd 2017

Before and after going for a hike to Huangshan, I visited a couple of villages around. First village I attempted to go to (via public transportation) was Chengkan. When I arrived, I was refused entry due to lack of ticket, but there was no ticket vendor in site and all "information" desks were empty / non-existent. The locals were quite rude and got angry at me if I tried to venture into the village (even outside the "paid ticket" zone). However they were completely unwilling to help me figure out how to get a ticket so I gave up and left by walking to the highway for a couple of km and hitchhiking back into town. The second and third village I visited on a Chinese tour bus, Hongcun and Xidi. Hongcun was packed with people. ... read more
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Asia » China » Anhui » Huangshan April 24th 2017

Mount Huangshan – Yellow Mountain I’ve written this as we were looking for information to help plan our trip to Huangshan Mountain and couldn’t find enough to give us a clear view of what is possible in a day especially relating to the trekking route. We wanted to go up and down the mountain in one day as time was short. Key for us was maximising the walking time and keeping costs low. This is more factual than painting a picture of the mountain views etc. For some background, we’re two 27 year olds from London. Both have done walking trips before but would be no means far above beginner in terms of walking ability. We both keep fairly active and fit in normal life. We visited mid April 2017. It’s tough to predict the weather, ... read more
Huangshan 1
Huangshan 2
Huangshan 3

Asia » China » Anhui » Huangshan May 31st 2016

Séjour de 2 jours à Huangshan, la montagne jaune (Shan : montagne, Huang : jaune si on ne m'a pas dit de bêtises). C'est un des parcs naturels les plus courus de Chine. Mais il n'y a pas que la montagne qui soit intéressante, les villages à côté le sont aussi. J'ai fait une journée dans le village se Hongcun et une dans la montagne jaune. Le village de Hongcun est un village ancien, très typique et très joli. Il a même servi de décor pour le film Tigre et Dragon. Donc visite très agreable, avec une promenade le long des rizières dans la campagne environnante après et une dégustation de thé avant de repartir. La montagne jaune : beaucoup de marches, beaucoup de touristes et beaucoup de brume, mais ça vaut le coup justement pour ... read more
Huangshan - dans la descente
Huangshan - pics karstiques
Huangshan - pics karstiques

Asia » China » Anhui » Huangshan September 8th 2015

Je survolerai Hangzhou où nous avons passé quelques jours. Je retiendrai cependant les brochettes d'araignée de mer, la beauté du Lac de l'Ouest -immense tâche bleue que l'on a sillonnée à vélo et à pied- ainsi que notre hôte, Zhenan. Zhenan a une bonne vingtaine d'années, et a accepté de nous héberger Alexis et moi, via couchsurfing. Pour ceux qui l'ignorent, couchsurfing est un site mettant en relation des voyageurs ayant besoin d'un logement pour une nuit ou plus, et des gens prêts à les héberger. Le tout est gratuit, et fonctionne sur le principe de l'échange, les hôtes sont très souvent des voyageurs "à terre"; généralement les deux parties échangent des histoires de voyages, des projets, des conseils etc. Zhenan lui, était quelque peu différent de mes hôtes précédents. Son appart notamment, était assez spécial ... read more
Lac de l'Ouest, Hangzhou
Quidditch session
Levé de soleil au sommet de la montagne

Asia » China » Anhui » Huangshan June 25th 2015

Today’s stop was in Hongcun Village, which is one of many “ancient villages” throughout China that have been protected by the government as historic zones. Hongcun Village is one of many in the Huangshan Mountain area. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was another location for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Hongcun is small, but has over 140 dwellings that date from as far back as the 14th Century. Many are considered among the best examples of architecture of their eras. The Village is a draw for artists. The day I visited, student artists sat throughout the village working on pieces. It’s picturesque, but also suffers from one of the major Western influences on China. The Village is more a tourist site than village at this point. There’s about a $10 admission charge to enter ... read more
Hundreds of Artists in Village
Street in Hongcun
16th Century Home

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