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Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 6th 2015

In Siem Reap I have so much to write about. It’s overwhelming and I haven’t had time, but this afternoon, while the gang is out in rural villages, having a rice harvesting experience and riding on an ox cart, I’m hanging out in my room at the Amasura hotel, one of the best hotels we’ve ever stayed at. I’m having some stomach “issues” and now all four of us have had them. I was last. I’ve decided not to write about the specific activities that we have done as tourists though if you’re a tourist you should do these things. The temples are magnificent, we visited a half dozen, each one from different periods and in different states of deterioration (the youngest one was from 1,100 CE. They are wonderful to visit for so many reasons, ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh February 5th 2015

Voor de antwoorden van de quiz, zie het commentaar bij de quizblog Für die Antworten vom Quiz, schau den Kommentar an beim Quizblog De beste lekken, voorin de bus, met volop beenruimte en 180° panoramaview, zijn gereserveerd. Niet voor ons "backpackers", noch voor de gepensioneerde westerlingen (kuddes vol gepensioneerden trekken door Laos). Nee, de beste plekken zijn voor de monniken. Als je zeker zijn wilt van een gelukkig huwelijk, nodig dan 9 monniken (of meer natuurlijk) uit voor je bruiloft, zet ze vooraan en geef ze het beste eten van het feest. Hetzelfde geldt voor een gezond kind en een geboorterecht, dus waarom niet voor een busrit? Vermoedelijk dat deze zeer gerespecteerde, zwijgzame, vrij van vrouwelijk contact en oranje mannen, gratis mee mogen rijden. Als je een monnik helpt is dat namelijk punten harken voor je ... read more
Liggende Buddha

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh February 4th 2015

I got a lot of objections when when I announced that I was going to Cambodia. Apparently many people thought that random street killing still happens there, heck my aunt even said that she will reimburse my flight ticket and send me to any other country than Cambodia. But I went anyway cause I'm a rebel like that. From what I can remember right now, the first cultural shock I got was the traffic in Phnom Penh. DAMN! People were honking to communicate and I swear never to drive there. Anyway I reached this hostel of mine which was called Mad Monkey Hostel, an awesome place. Then we went to Killing Fields which was an awfully depressing place. I don't think there's ever any article that will ever make someone who hasn't been there truly feel ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kratié February 3rd 2015

Just five and a half hours after being picked up by a mini bus at Nature Lodge in Sen Monorom, I'm stepping out into the heat and chaos of Kratie's 'bus terminal'. There is no terminal as such, simply a big open dusty area where buses constantly come and go from. The trip was an easy one in an actual small bus, with air conditioning, one person per seat. The road was bitumen all the way, most of it a decent highway. This trip cost $7 which I paid the bus driver for when we reached Kratie. I had decided on The Silver Dolphin Guesthouse as my first port of call for a room. It was listed in Lonely Planet so I figured it would be okay. Only one room available, at $4 per night, with ... read more
A Mekong Sunset
Irrawaddy Dolphin
100 Column Pagoda

Asia » Cambodia » East » Senmonorom February 2nd 2015

According to the four year old travel guide another passenger in the mini bus to Sen Monorom was travelling with, the road connecting Ban Lung and Sen Monorom was mostly impassable, difficult to navigate and should only be tackled by experienced dirt bike riders with excellent local knowledge. Well, things have changed, somewhat. The four hour trip was mainly over a built up gravel road, which was slowly being turned into a highway, with roadworks at intervals and short stretches of bitumen in between. The dust was horrendous, thank goodness I was inside an air conditioned mini van. The road deteriorated in the last hour and became narrower and bumpier before the van finally limped into the pot holed streets of Sen Monorom's market. I'm surprised we made it without breaking down, as the van had ... read more
Elephant Walk
Elelphant Walk
Elephant Walk

Asia » Cambodia » North » Ratanakiri January 30th 2015

The northeastern provinces of Kratie, Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri, some of the most remote areas in Cambodia, are home to much of Cambodia's vanishing wildlife and forest, and some landscapes of outstanding natural beauty. Ratanakiri, my next stop, is an isolated province in Eastern Cambodia on the border with Vietnam and home to various ethnic minorities, elephants, waterfalls and pristine jungle. The bus to Ban Lung was to leave at 1.00pm, so I made sure I was at the pickup point, Xplore Asia's office, in plenty of time. Honestly, I don't know why I bothered, the bus was an hour late. And it was a local one, not the tourist mini bus I was expecting. That explained why it was so late....local pickups. We eventually hit the road at 2.30 in a very overcrowded mini van. With ... read more
Lao Woman
The Ferry over San Tonle
Kaoh Paek Village

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 28th 2015

Relaxen am Strand von Sihanoukville und auf der Insel Koh Rong gleich am ersten Tag, als ich in Sihanoukville ankam, und ich ein Bad im erfrischenden Meer genoss, wurde mir meine Sachen vom Strand gestohlen :-( Die ergatterte Beute war: 1 Handtuch 1 Kapperl 6 Dollar und mein Zimmerschlüssel Gratulation zu diesem erfolgreichen Coup :-P die nächsten Tage verbrachte ich an den idyllischen Stränden von Otis-2 und auf der Insel Koh Rong mit schwimmen, schnorcheln, faulenzen und Sonnenuntergänge bewundern. Denn viel mehr kann man auf einer abgeschiedenen Insel nicht machen.... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North January 27th 2015

The most visited place in Cambodia not only offers access to incredible Angkorian monuments, but also boasts beautiful landscapes just a step away. The best way to explore the area is on a tuc-tuc, and if you find a great and friendly driver that speaks perfect English than you have all you need to feel at home. When I arrived to Siem Reap I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew there were plenty of ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples, but I didn’t know much about the rest. I also knew it was a popular tourist area, so I wasn’t that happy about spending a week there. It turned out you can easily leave all that hassle and find yourself almost completely alone among the beautiful Khmer ruins. Around a thousand temples are scattered all around ... read more
Circus elephants
In the mighty Angkor
Ta Prohm temple

Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng January 27th 2015

Monday morning and I'm cycling again but this time on a 4 hour countryside tour with Grasshopper Adventures. This ride was 30klm long and took us off the beaten track and through the villages and rice paddies around Siem Reap. There were only three of us on this ride, as well as Thy, our guide for the morning. We left Siem Reap at 7.30am, riding good mountain bikes and wearing decent helmets. The roads were little more than local tracks, one way and single file. It was an enjoyable outing even though I'm no stranger to rural Cambodia. I enjoyed tasting deep fried rice patties at a local market, snapping a few photos, and calling out 'hello' in response to greetings from the kids. We arrived back in Siem Reap at 11.30 and were presented with ... read more
Grasshopper Adventures
Grasshopper Adventures
Grasshopper Adventures

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 23rd 2015

It's time to brave the roads again! So, 7am Friday morning finds me pedalling down the road towards Angkor Wat on one of the bicycles from Horizons. No clear destination in mind, but I figured the 14klm round trip to the entrance booth and back would help me find my 'bike legs' again. It was a lovely morning, a cool 16 degrees when I left Horizons. I took a couple of detours on the way back to town, just because I could, and stopped off at Wat Thmey, about 3klm from the centre of Siem Reap. It's a small active pagoda, and within the grounds are quarters for the monks, a teaching hall and a small, rather tacky, gift stand. So far, so ordinary.... However, at the side of the pagoda is a small and rather ... read more
Wat Thmey buddha with memorial in background
Wat Thmey
Tourist buses arriving at Angkor Wat

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